Thursday, September 6, 2012

Foil is your friend -

Foil is your friend, although unfortunately it is not exactly the Earth's friend.  I am a friend to the Earth in so many way, but not when it comes to foil.
I just can't quit you, foil. I use it almost every evening for dinner.  It allows me to not wash a pan (so I'm saving water right, right??) I line cookie sheets or brownie style pans to cook items of dinner on.  After dinner I will wrap up the leftover meat or items in the foil, stash in the fridge and voila no pan to wash and no plasticware to dirty with leftovers either. 

Sometimes the foil is unusable to wrap up food items and so it gets thrown out right away.  I do a rain dance (in my head) and think of something else to recycle as I chuck it in the trashcan and relish in the possible freedom of my evening.
These are home-made pizzas on foiled cookie sheets - these pizzas look better when they have been cooked.

I'm tired, but I want to eat good food, have a nice house, spend time with my family and friends, have a hobby (or six), and be in bed by 9pm, so I need to save some time and take some shortcuts. 
Some of you jerks aren't tired - you have no idea what I'm talking about - and you stink, I mean I'm really happy for you. Read my blog anyway because it will make you feel superior and that feels awesome.
I would have liked to name this the Energetic Girls Guide to Whatever Kind of Great Life You Want, but that's not me and those girls don't need a guide anyway.
I am too tired to write my ideas down and you are too tired to read them maybe, so I will make them short. I hope it helps your brain start churning up tired girl ideas of your own.  Please email me at with your greattired girl tips.  Do not email me with a recipe with more than 10 steps or that involves my food processsor.

Tired Girl taking a break (one of my favorite things to do).

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