Monday, May 16, 2016

Office tour -

My husband and I have lived in our current house for about two years.  It is a true mid-century modern, for any of you that may be in to architecture. 

We rent it (which I guess is goodsince the roof leaks occasionally), but leaks aside we love love love this place! We think it's pretty, and Teddy loves the yard. Plus, there are no roaches in this old house, under big trees. I think we have had like three in our two years, which if you live in Florida you know is a real accomplishment. 

As a Tired Girl I love to scroll through images of people's well appointed homes on Pinterest. So today I am sharing photos of my whacky office/ workout room/ laundry room/ Joe's office/ garage/ craft room/ pantry. That's a lot of /'s.  

It's important to note that THIS room is not well appointed though. It has an extra fridge in it. It also houses shelves with our food. It is literally our pantry, so nothing to brag about here people. 

But it is also fun to look at people's less well done homes too - just fun to nose around. If someone else's room is quirky, it makes me feel about good my little place. If someone else's room looks heinous, then I feel better than someone else. So lots of options for your feelings here. 
I did a tour of my office in our previous house. It was super boring as that room was just three things - office, craft room, and extra guest room. Yawn. Where's the fridge you may ask when you look at this one. Actually I stinking loved that office too. You can see it here.  In that post I discuss my greater philosophy about why I would take photos of my house and post them. 

So, here we go. 

Joe's area is on the left, and food pantry on the right welcomes you in! If all the blinds worked I would have them all raised up. But they don't and since we rent, down they stay. 

Just like my old office - I have crammed a lot in to this place ( I think it's symbolic of my life - I like to squeeze a lot in). The glass ceiling is one of my favorite parts, even though it gets hot as crap in here starting around 1:15 every day in the spring/summer. The squirrels thump around above me and when it rains hard I can't hear my meeting. But nothing beats natural light to feel connected to the world.

A tidy version of my desk. It looks like this every couple of weeks and then a few hours in, it gets away from me. The window  in front of it would look into another room of our house. But I keep those blinds down in there, and have this glass wall as a bulletin board.  This is my same desk that my dad made me as a craft table years ago. I heart it.

This is my desk on one of the messiest days ever. I took this shot to show the other extreme. There may or may not be slippers  ON my desk.

This is not an accurate depiction of my situation, but I like it nonetheless. 

And finally our extra fridge.  Yes we are only two people, why should we require another whole fridge? It's complicated, and it involves our generous friends always bringing lots of interesting beer over, every time they come. So what could be used to prep and house extra food is really just a beer fridge. I am looking at you David and Pat. 

This may be the worst photo so far. My treadmill flanks the laundry room door, then shelves of craft stuff, canned goods and my work laptop. I am sure some of you are pretty nervous looking at all of this. 

This is my laundry room that is about 12 feet from my desk. Nothing says professionalism like the sound of my washer draining. I like it though - clean laundry is one of my fave smells. You'd think with my laundry so close I'd be better at it. 

I'm really in to quality laundry rooms. It's a thing. I love this one because of the big sink. 
This is Joe's area. If you have ever worked with Joe you will know that his desk has been drastically neatened up for this photo, and in reality it would never look like this. If you dumped a box of papers on top of all of this it wold feel better to him.
Here is a close-up of some of his stuff.
Teddy is always my favorite part of any room.

I would seriously love to see any of yall's offices or catch-all room. You can attach to a comment or Facebook post.  Do it. 


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