Friday, March 18, 2016

Eye Cream - The windows to our young-looking souls

A re-post from a few years back. Just a friendly reminder to slather some sort of cream on your eyes so people wonder if you got a face lift over spring break. (Note to self - Reminder for next spring break -- price out face lifts.)

Here is the deal with eye cream. It may or may not work and we will never really have the answer (once we are wrinkly we may think, "Oh crud that stuff didn't work," but maybe it DID and we are less wrinkly than we would have been - and maybe not, or maybe if we had used a better brand or more or whatever and this goes on forever).  
If you see me with glitter under my eyes,
just go with it.

I don't think it can hurt to use it though. Lotion seems to soften things and softer things mostly look nice.  So here are the Tired Girl's tips for eye cream:

1) Use it - it doesn't matter what brand, just put some kind of cream around your eyes before bed at night.  

2). Use your ring finger and tap the cream on and around your eyes - so that you don't mess up your eyes by putting too much pressure on them and all that - it's just the most gentle way to do it.

That's it. 

Well one more thing - I keep eye cream by my bed (because I like to hurry and lay down in the evenings, so it's one less thing to do standing in the bathroom, that I can instead do lying in bed). I also keep some by my computer in my office and in my travel bag. I have different brands everywhere, but I think if I have access to the stuff I will use it. I talk about that idea with other supplies - here. 

Pair eye cream with Frownies. And then also quit your job, so you can sleep in and have someone read you everything on your computer and phone so you don't have eye strain and you'll like the most rested version of yourself. 

There is some dog slobber hiding here in places too, so don't look too close. Here is my Olay cream.

Here is my Yes to Blueberries Cream.

Friday, March 11, 2016

Camera or Virtual Assistant?

I use my phone a lot and the smallest fraction is actually talking to people - no offense to people.  Just like everyone else in the world I suppose, my phone houses almost everything important.  I won't give you the list because you can piece it together. 

The feature I use more than anything else I think is my camera, and consequently my gallery is like a virtual file cabinet. The book I saw at that one gift store that would be a great birthday gift for my mom - I don't text or email it to myself, I just snap a photo. The replacement blades for Joe's electric razor, there is a photo of the number on my phone. The brand of salsa I like, so I don't forget when I am at the store = photo.  A picture of my feet before I get on the plane so I can compare to after because sometimes they swell and I want to be able to tell = photo. The name of the fabric I like at Joann's so I can go home and google it to find it cheaper = photo. The design on the a plastic cup that I might want to paint = photo.  Should I bore you with more? No. I take pictures of a lot of things.  
I don't take too many selfies -
I haven't mastered any part of it.

To me this is a great trick for Tired Girls.  There is no scrolling through your emails to see where you emailed yourself the address of your friend. You don't have to think "What month was that that I got her card and it made me remember to add her address to the Christmas card list? Well Nina retired in January so maybe it was then, maybe that was the party, OR was it in March when she sent the invite for Christy's baby shower?"  

So instead of all that brain energy and digging through your texts and emails you just fly through your photos until you see the photo of an envelope with your friend's address on it. In between the important photos of addresses and style numbers and magazine covers are photos of my friends laughing at a concert and Ralphie laying on every soft surface in my house and Joe smiling big on vacation.  In between the important things are the happy things, so while shopping at Wal-Mart I can revisit my vacation and see the photo of the size of filter I need for my vacuum. 
Not my size, but style can be looked up online

This probably sounds pretty dumb - like "yeah Tired Girl everyone does this", but it both saves me energy and time and makes for a more fun existence (and that is practically my whole goal in life),  so I am sharing.  You know what they say (mostly JFK said it) "Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country," so this is what I am doing.  

The problem may lie if my phone is ever destroyed or lost. I think if you have an Iphone your photos can be backed up to a cloud.  When I got a new phone a while back they transferred all my photos.  But if you have your phone in your pocket and wade in to the gulf (Joe) or close your tailgate on your truck on your phone (Joe) or get your purse stolen with your phone inside (almost me - my phone was in my pocket luckily) then you have less options.

Here are a whole bunch of possibly non-interesting photos to share with you:

Function - a pic of a swimsuit my MIL bought for my neice and I can look for matching flip-flops for a gift

Fun - Besties at a concert

Function - to remember this song -2Pac is not usually my genre - this was a fluke.

Fun - My wonderful friend and her charismatic dog, Boo.

Function - where we are parked

Fun - Ralphie in the middle of cleaning out the closet project
Function - a slide from a conference so I don't have to take furious notes

Fun - Joe working in the yard (fun for me not him)
Function and fun - a painting I like in a magazine at the doc office

Fun - a poorly lit pic of my mom

Anyone else use their camera phone as a virtual file cabinet?

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