Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Netti Pot Update -

I posted this a few years back because if you have something that drastically improves the quality of your life you are obligated to share. 
It's all about my appreciation and dedication to using a netti pot. I have two new photos to share as I have aesthetically improved my netti pot setup. Back in the day my system lived in the laundry room and no one saw it. But then we downsized, and my house is 1/3 the size  so now my netti pot party lives prominently on my kitchen counter. A kitchen that doesn't have a lot of counter space gives prime real estate to this.  This new setup is a perfect illustration of a Tired Girl life. I could just put this away and get it out every day but that requires way too much energy and I know I just wouldn't put it away and it would just sit there, so I want it to be pretty. And since I use it everyday I felt justified in the upgrades (though my pieces were all under $10 and I already had the plates and stand. Anyway - here are my new improved pieces complete with links. 

Cute ceramic elephant Netti Pot - Here
Glass Jar from Marshalls (Similar Here) with Homemade nose rinse (recipe below)
A prettier water jug to hold two cups of water from Marshalls (Similar Here)
Melamine John Derian plate Target (Similar Here but tons of cute ones on Amazon)
Wood plate from Target way back (Similar Here)

A poorly lit and executed photo of the prominence this plays. It also sits on a white cake stand  (Similar HERE but there are tons at Marshalls/Homegoods)

Here is my original post about to how to netti pot your life -

There was a time I could have named this blog “Sick A Lot and Deeply Tired Girl.”  I taught elementary school and I don’t l know if any of you know any children, but those sweet little hands and faces and germs like to be NEAR you as much as possible.  I had one sinus infection after the other and would go round after round of antibiotics.  Awful.

One thing that has drastically helped me is using a neti pot.  I know the words “ewwwww” and “what in the hey is a neti pot” are in some of your minds right now. 

In short: a neti pot is a little teapot looking thing that you fill with warm distilled water and a saline/baking powder solution and you pour the mixture into one side of your nose while tilting your head and letting the water come out the other side.

I know the words “ewwwww” and “what in the hey is she talking about” are in some of your minds right now again.

I spent way too much time looking at some how-to videos on youtube to share and none were any I would want to post.  So – I made my own to share with you!!!   Some fun blogs show you how to do a sideways French twist and I demonstrate a neti pot.  I’ve really made something of myself.

Here is my video:  don’t judge.  **** UPDATE - when my purse was stolen from my innocence, my camera was inside and inside my camera was the charming video of me pouring water through my nose.  

So instead I settled on this video - I like their attempt at making the neti pot humorous. It's not as wonderful as my video, but life isn't fair. 


Here is my recipe for salt solution: equal parts baking soda and non-iodized salt. Shake it up and store in an airtight container.  

 I totally edited a gin bottle out of the background of this photo. I feel okay about saying it and not about having it in the photo. I give myself a "B' for my editing skills. 

I use my neti pot once or twice a day depending on the season and my allergies, etc. I have it all set up in my laundry room, so I can leave it all out.

Just hanging out, waiting to get used. 

It is VERY important to use filtered or distilled water for this.  This part is non-negotiable. You can also boil your water and let it cool to a warm temp - I use a "hot pot" for this when traveling.  I can use hotel tap water, boil and let it cool.  

My steps:

 - I pour 2 cups of  filtered water in to my big glass (that's big glass, not big ass - I am a lady afterall) measuring cup.  
- I heat in the microwave for 1 minute, which is the perfect amount of time for me to create warm and not hot water.  
- I scoop a 1/2 teaspoon of salt solution in to my pot.
-  Then pour water on top and stir.
-  Then stick end of pot into my right nostril, open my mouth (to breathe like a dog) and           tilt my head to pour liquid in to my right nostril.  
- I pour through my nose until the neti pot is empty. 
- I blow out gently (I just do) and then I repeat the whole process on the other side.  

I think it feels wonderful - super soothing and I can instantly breathe and think better.  

Here is the link to the neti pot I like the best:  SinuCleanse.

Cheers to an easy and sickness-free allergy season (I am raising my neti pot up to toast you)! Clink.

Two more things if you care - 
1) Joe got me my first neti pot - for my birthday! One woman's horrible birthday gift is another woman's most appreciated item from a thoughtful spouse.  Thanks Joe! Heart.

2) There are SOOOOO many fun "neti pot jokes" on google images.  You could spend some serious time looking busy at working getting through them all.  

Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Friendly but Busy -

Sometimes you have to be around people that:
- don't like you
- have been a jerk to you
- you have to work with in some way
- have dumped you in some way
- are involved in some kind of awkward situation, etc.

What we want to say.
I have a simple saying and tactic that works in a plethora of atmospheres. 

I am not saying this next part to be like " I am so cool, everybody loves me," but when I was young and dating and would get snubbed or broken up with by a guy, I was able to use this strategy. And they would always come back around. I could have entitled this "how to get someone back if they broke up with you," but who wants to get someone back and I would never claim such a theory. But this strategy works in SO MANY different situations.

Anyway, here it is. You are friendly to the person, but you are busy.

That's it.

Here are examples:

Hey Mitch, gosh you look great. I thought of you the other day when I saw Groundhog's Day on TV. Ok, well I have to scoot, see you later!

Hey Biff! You look great. How are those econ classes treating you? (Blah blah blah they answer). I am sure it's better than you say, you are a whiz at that stuff. Welp, take care, bye! 

Hey Buffy, Oh my gosh I love your hair cut. It really frames your face. How is your dog Fluffy, he is such a cutie (blah blah blah they answer). Well, great seeing you - I'm sure I'll see you later. Bye! 

Hey Muffy, Oh I love those shoes! I am obsessed with leopard print anything. Ok, have a great day. Bye!

The more I create these examples, the higher pitched my voice gets in my head, and the more valley girl I sound. I am saying things like "byeeeeeee." These encounters could be a tad longer and more genuine as well, but you get the idea.

You are not lying or being fake. You are not saying things like "great to see you" (cause you're not) or "I hope you are doing great" (because you don't), etc.  

You are friendly, but busy.    It works. 

It's important for Tired Girls (and everyone) not to get bogged down in toxicity and drama. Ain't no Tired Girls got time for that. We have things to do, so get the eff out of our way a-hole. Here is another look at dealing with the jerks that inevitably show up in our lives:  "How to Get Along with Jerks - Tired Girl Style"

*AND for the record if I am friendly but busy to any of you in real life please don't think I am "friendly but busying" you. I am in general friendly and I pack a lot in to my life so there is a chance I will be in a rush. 

Anyone have something similar they do when dealing with certain people?

This guy gets it. Even though in this case we are making ourselves be friendly, 
it still has the same effect.

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