Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Friendly but Busy -

Sometimes you have to be around people that:
- don't like you
- have been a jerk to you
- you have to work with in some way
- have dumped you in some way
- are involved in some kind of awkward situation, etc.

What we want to say.
I have a simple saying and tactic that works in a plethora of atmospheres. 

I am not saying this next part to be like " I am so cool, everybody loves me," but when I was young and dating and would get snubbed or broken up with by a guy, I was able to use this strategy. And they would always come back around. I could have entitled this "how to get someone back if they broke up with you," but who wants to get someone back and I would never claim such a theory. But this strategy works in SO MANY different situations.

Anyway, here it is. You are friendly to the person, but you are busy.

That's it.

Here are examples:

Hey Mitch, gosh you look great. I thought of you the other day when I saw Groundhog's Day on TV. Ok, well I have to scoot, see you later!

Hey Biff! You look great. How are those econ classes treating you? (Blah blah blah they answer). I am sure it's better than you say, you are a whiz at that stuff. Welp, take care, bye! 

Hey Buffy, Oh my gosh I love your hair cut. It really frames your face. How is your dog Fluffy, he is such a cutie (blah blah blah they answer). Well, great seeing you - I'm sure I'll see you later. Bye! 

Hey Muffy, Oh I love those shoes! I am obsessed with leopard print anything. Ok, have a great day. Bye!

The more I create these examples, the higher pitched my voice gets in my head, and the more valley girl I sound. I am saying things like "byeeeeeee." These encounters could be a tad longer and more genuine as well, but you get the idea.

You are not lying or being fake. You are not saying things like "great to see you" (cause you're not) or "I hope you are doing great" (because you don't), etc.  

You are friendly, but busy.    It works. 

It's important for Tired Girls (and everyone) not to get bogged down in toxicity and drama. Ain't no Tired Girls got time for that. We have things to do, so get the eff out of our way a-hole. Here is another look at dealing with the jerks that inevitably show up in our lives:  "How to Get Along with Jerks - Tired Girl Style"

*AND for the record if I am friendly but busy to any of you in real life please don't think I am "friendly but busying" you. I am in general friendly and I pack a lot in to my life so there is a chance I will be in a rush. 

Anyone have something similar they do when dealing with certain people?

This guy gets it. Even though in this case we are making ourselves be friendly, 
it still has the same effect.

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