Sunday, December 14, 2014

Sweatshirts -

I originally wrote about my love for sweatshirts and all things comfy about two years ago, hereAnd then I recently saw this on Facebook:

Once you have these feelings you can't RE-have them - they are just a part of you - but whoever  wrote this (I wish it had been me) can see in to my soul and has rekindled the consciousness of my admiration for jersey wear.   

Unfortunately when I wear any sweatshirt I think I maybe look like this:

But in reality, I am more this:

Or maybe even this: 

 The thing about sweatshirts is that they are: 

a) roomy
b) washable in an easier way than a sweater
c) warm
d) roomy

They are also by and large not very flattering. Unless you are a size 2 and very tan and then whatever - anything looks good on you.

Last year I bought some even "cuter" sweatshirts so I could hopefully step it up a little tiny notch. It hasn't really worked though. As when I am heading out for a walk with Teddy I pass over the "cute" (I say skeptically) sweatshirts and choose the more heinous ones in my possession.  But that's a whole other me issue.

So here are some of the better ones I bought end of last season. 
Old Navy - and the eyelet works less like camouflage and more like a fat suit - not real flattering. 

Old Navy - probably my favorite of my new ones.

I bought a couple from Target off the clearance rack as well. They are similar to this  one.
I think the key to sweatshirts is scale.  If you are going to go BIG on top - then go little on the bottom. 

From the blog - One Little Momma

All about scale - and possibly having super expensive pieces.

I was going to have a contest to find out something about how other Tired Girl's feel about sweatshirts or how they wear them or something, and then I would have a winner and they would win something sweatshirty. But I couldn't envision it. Any ideas for a Tired Girl sweatshirt contest?  

Sunday, December 7, 2014

Too important to pee -

Sometimes I go all stinking day being very uncomfortable. Having to go to the bathroom and not taking the time. Having a headache and not taking ibuprofen. Being thirsty. Being hungry. Wearing a very very uncomfortable bra. Being cold. Being hot. I live this way for many hours at a time because I simply feel too busy to go right myself in some way.

This is ridiculous.
Like insane.
I blame adulthood, womanhood, busi-ness and of course -- being tired.

I will think all day - "As soon as I finish this (fill in the blank very miserable work related task) I will (fill in the blank with the barest of necessities - like go pee!!!).  Then - hours will go by and I finally potty dance my way out of my office.  I mean what the hey is that all about?

Why all the discomfort in the name of what?? 
Getting ahead? No.  
Being productive? Maybe. 
Being a jerk that doesn't even take her workout clothes off and put on something way way more comfortable to settle in to a day of working from home.

It's stupid and I hate it and I also kind of want to know who else does this?

Sometimes, instead of doing important things, like refilling my water cup. I find my way to Pinterest where I discover that I want to arm patches on everything I own.  Watch out closet - this is happening. (It actually really is I bought a similar shirt at H&M this weekend and now I am just trying to decide what color patches to put on.  Camel color suede? Tartan plaid? Pink?  Black?). 
From Pinterest here. I want these boots, and the scarf.
I am making the shirt and got my own jeans. A similar scarf is sold at Target
but is sold out everywhere close to me.

Here are some slightly more Tired Girly boots - lower heel and a little more casual. I don't own these but I wouldn't mind. 
These are "Lucky Tolachina Boot" and they may also come in suede. 

Okay, back to my question. Who else does this?

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Killer dinner by a Tired Girl -

One of my most showy (and delicious and crazy easy) meals to make is a standing rib roast.  It is a major Tired Girl Bang for your buck and a great meal to cook this time of year for guests or family, etc.  Here's what you do -

This image is from Food Network,
but of course mine looks practically the same. 
1) Save up a bit of money - this cut of meat is pricey.  It's worth it though and in the idea of "which do you have more of: time or money?" this will fall on the side of money.  It equals out in the end because you don't need much else to make this meal special and it takes no time at all.

2) If you don't see the "Standing Rib Roast" in the butcher section of your store you can ask the butcher, but during the holidays they usually go ahead and put these out.  Get as big a one as you can afford - the meat is so good you will glare at your guests in hopes they will leave so you can have more leftovers.

3)  The supplies needed are a roasting pan and a meat thermometer, kosher salt and olive oil.

4) Preheat your oven to 325 degrees and rinse and dry off the roast (it's important to dry it).  Then rub some olive oil all over it and some kosher salt.  Place the meat FAT side up in the roaster and put the meat thermometer in the thickest longest section - so it doesn't hit bone or fat or pop out the other side. I put it on the side and place it in longways and that way I can easily see the temp on the thermometer. 

This image is from Martha Stewart and The Tired Girl's
projects often get mistaken for Martha's handiwork so I feel
totally fine about using her image to describe my meal.
5) Cook in the oven about 26-32 minutes per pound (I plan for about 30 minutes). I sure hope your meat thermometer is working. I cook it until my thermometer registers about 130 degrees - medium rare. I pull it out of the oven, let it sit, and it will continue to cook to about 140 degrees.  I like meat medium rare and this cut is especially delicious with a lot of pink and juice. 

6) Carve it downways (that is probably a word) and don't eat the whole thing before serving.

I use a thermometer like this one
but am thinking of upgrading to digital
I make a horseradish sauce that I love to dip this roast in and it's yummy to put on sandwiches for later (if there is any left - - am I building this up too much?).  My sauce is: a glob of mayonnaise and a smaller glob of prepared horseradish sauce.  Mix it up - yum.

This roast is so good that anything you put with it would be great. French bread and a salad.  Mash potatoes and asparagus.  Just whatever - it's good.  And it feels special.  And it requires hardly any energy. 

Here is a thrilling chart - meat temperatures!! 

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