Sunday, December 14, 2014

Sweatshirts -

I originally wrote about my love for sweatshirts and all things comfy about two years ago, hereAnd then I recently saw this on Facebook:

Once you have these feelings you can't RE-have them - they are just a part of you - but whoever  wrote this (I wish it had been me) can see in to my soul and has rekindled the consciousness of my admiration for jersey wear.   

Unfortunately when I wear any sweatshirt I think I maybe look like this:

But in reality, I am more this:

Or maybe even this: 

 The thing about sweatshirts is that they are: 

a) roomy
b) washable in an easier way than a sweater
c) warm
d) roomy

They are also by and large not very flattering. Unless you are a size 2 and very tan and then whatever - anything looks good on you.

Last year I bought some even "cuter" sweatshirts so I could hopefully step it up a little tiny notch. It hasn't really worked though. As when I am heading out for a walk with Teddy I pass over the "cute" (I say skeptically) sweatshirts and choose the more heinous ones in my possession.  But that's a whole other me issue.

So here are some of the better ones I bought end of last season. 
Old Navy - and the eyelet works less like camouflage and more like a fat suit - not real flattering. 

Old Navy - probably my favorite of my new ones.

I bought a couple from Target off the clearance rack as well. They are similar to this  one.
I think the key to sweatshirts is scale.  If you are going to go BIG on top - then go little on the bottom. 

From the blog - One Little Momma

All about scale - and possibly having super expensive pieces.

I was going to have a contest to find out something about how other Tired Girl's feel about sweatshirts or how they wear them or something, and then I would have a winner and they would win something sweatshirty. But I couldn't envision it. Any ideas for a Tired Girl sweatshirt contest?  

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