Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Low Maintenance Style -

So the news here is that Tired Girls' deep desire to wear the public equivalent of pajamas is a "style" and it has a name!
Olivia Wilde making "Low Maintenance"
 look awesome in Drinking Buddies.

Low Maintenance Style -- this girl wrote about it.

If you don't want to read the whole article then the take-away is this:  
"You have to be very clear with your hairstylist that you need a cut that's easy to maintain because you’re not about that life. Your idea of styling your hair is making sure the part is nice..." 

And the (good) news here is that once you find a style of dressing you can stick with it - and people will think you are mostly genius.

Read it here.

If you don't want to read the whole article then the take-away is this:  

Successful people wear the same thing every day.  They may not wear the exact same piece everyday but they are like Smurfette ( a closet full of the same dress). 
Nailed it Doug.

Their energy can be used elsewhere, than thinking about what to wear.

I am obviously highly successful (it's obvious, right?) AND I wear the same thing almost everyday.  

I have about eight pairs of my favorite shorts from Target (they don't sell them anymore) and about 10 various shirts and somehow almost everything goes with everything else (sort of).  I throw on any combination, and head out to walk Teddy.  

Capsule Wardrobes really work here as well. 

I also read an article years ago about someone that interned in Paris and he found that day after day the men and women in his office would be dressed to the nines - just gorgeous, quality, outfits. And THEN his second week of work everyone started the outfits over again. They had 5-7 amazing outfits and they just wore over and over again.  I love that.  

Claire being Claire.
I do that, just with Target shorts and shirts.  So, similar. 

Here is an article about dressing like French women if you are interested. 

If you don't want to read the whole article then the take-away is this: 
French women dress differently than American women - ha!  There are a lot of photos to illustrate this point. 

Not everyone can pull off a Claire Underwood, but she has mastered low-maintenance, gorgeous, sophistication (and killer ambition and weird grace, but whatevs).

So whether you are Smurfette, Steve Jobs, Claire Underwood, or an unknown french woman you can do more with less. 
Well said "Daily Bitch" Calendar.
I think I WILL wear the same thing everyday.

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