Sunday, November 22, 2015

I won an award -

So 27 million years ago I won a blog award!  It may not have been that long ago, but as a Tired Girl my time is always skewed. When I say I am going to do something I look at up and four months have gone by.

But literally about two years ago a friend of mine announced her internet awards for the year. 

My awards, if I was so organized, would all go to various cat and dog videos from the internet.

I am not making light of this award,
I just really wanted to use this meme.
Luckily for me her tastes are more human, and I was chosen! Cut to me holding a bouquet of roses.

I received her "Best Series" award for the miserable and sometimes funny "Thank You Hormones" posts.

Full disclosure here: This person is my friend. So basically she officially gave me a "like" on Facebook, but it sure felt special.  There was a whole category and everything.

Here is the actual post and her other awards.  
Also further disclosure: I don't read a lot of other people's blogs. I don't want to accidentally take an idea, or more realistically borrow someone else's voice. Sounds dumb, just trust me. But my friend at Crown and Owl wrote this particular post, I read it, AND I think about a lot. This is it: here

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

A gross tip -

Here is a medium gross idea - freeze your trash. Chicken bones or meat styrofoam - whatever will be most stinky - I wrap in a plastic grocery bag and stick in my freezer. 
 Then trash day rolls around, I grab all my weird frozen trash and out it goes.  The garbage collectors unconsciously thank me.  I BET I have THE least stinky trash on the block. Boom. 

"Why would you bother," you ask.  
"Because I am pretty lazy," is the answer.

With just two of us at the house it can take a solid week to fill up a whole garbage bag. So, when I have to take a super stinky, barely filled trash bag to the garbage it feels like a personal failure.

Oh Jillee.
So I freeze that shit. 

It freaks Joe out a little.  But he is coping. 

Here is a DIY to make disposal smell good thingys - to get even one step closer to a less stinky kitchen.

Also they make a trash freezer - so I am on to something. But duh you have a trash freezer already - it's called THE freezer.  

Awesome trash maintenance.
I am not quite THIS is in to my trash, but I admire their spirit. 

Anyone have a gross tip? Email me and I'll decide what level of gross it is. 

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