Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Easy way to cook Spaghetti Squash

I am new to the spaghetti squash trend, but as I love noodles and not a big butt I have embraced the spaghetti squash. What I do not like is preparing the dang thing though - it is not meant for the very tired (me!). I watched two different videos on youtube about the best way to cut it. But then there was still the insides to reconcile. Long story short - I was not in to it. But I wanted the stuff that felt like pasta, but got few points on Weight Watchers, so I was determined. 
Photo by Martha Stewart,
laziness by the Tired Girl

I found "YourProduceGuy" on youtube and he had the most Tired Girl way to cook spaghetti squash.

Boil it. 

The whole thing - no poking holes, no CUTTING (off fingers). Boil water (I added salt) and place the squash in. Boil for 30-40 minutes and remove (pierce with a fork to see if it's squishy and done). He dumped his into a colander just like pasta to remove from the water. Once out I used my oven mitts to handle it (because it's hot - you know from the boiling),then you slice it in half (easily - phew!!), scrape out the insides (also easily) and then fork the "noodles" into a bowl.

His video is pleasant and I recommend it, even though I just explained the gist. Sometimes it's just fun to watch someone do something.

Martha (Stewart) roasts her spaghetti squash whole (without cutting) - but it takes an hour and twenty minutes, plus having the oven on that long really warms the joint up, and in the summer in Florida that is the opposite of my goal. And I would just rather take less time to get dinner ready. The squash could also be cooked in the microwave (after being sliced - Gag) or whole, but you still have to punch holes in it and I don't know I just don't want to do that either. 

I have also seen where people pierce the squash with a knife and cook in their crockpot. I dislike washing my crockpot container, so I would rather boil on the stovetop. But the crockpot way could be easy too.

If you want to waste time or need a break from the world look up "Spaghetti squash recipes" and wait for your computer to explode. I like looking for the paleo versions and obviously pinterest has the market cornered on this squash.

My friend Anne sent me this recipe - here are her words:

 My favorite way to do it (spaghetti squash) is a spin on Pioneer Woman's noodle bake. I use spaghetti squash (obviously) but I roast some tomatoes to put on top instead of sauce (usually lots of added sugar in those). I've done it with and without the meat. It's good either way. It's a layer of the 'spaghetti', a layer of sour cream and cottage cheese with green onions. Top with roasted tomatoes and extra cheese if you feel like it. It's such a warm, gooey, satisfying casserole. You can google her recipe to get the real amounts, but I play with it because you never know how much a spaghetti squash will yield.

(I edited the part out where we were typical girls and apologized to each other for taking so long to write to each other, respond to each other, and thank each other. )

Anyone have a super Tired Girl spaghetti squash recipe they want to share?

Sunday, July 27, 2014

A repertoire of gifts to give -

I wrote this a long long time ago, but have been thinking about it this week - 
Tired Girls should have a repertoire of gifts and beloved go-to items for others.  I have a list in my head of all my most favorite presents for every category –hostess gifts to a baby gift to retirement gifts and so on. These are the things I store in my brain as items that are easily accessible to me at the stores close by or via the internet, that I am proud to give as presents and gestures to people in my life.  Here is a list of the categories of go-to items I have – I haven’t give specifics:
  • Favorite red wine
  • Favorite white wine
  • Favorite sparkling wine
  • Favorite baby gift of clothes
  • Favorite baby gift of usable item
  • Favorite children's toy/book
  • Favorite plant
  • Favorite type of flowers to have delivered
  • Favorite decorative item
  • Favorite home good
Proseco is one of my favorite gifts to grab -
they carry it everywhere,
and in my experience it is a hit. 
Almost all of the occasions in my life can fit into one of these types of gifts – weddings, retirements, housewarming, thank yous, congratulations, etc. I can also pick up these presents while running through Publix, Wal-mart, Target or ordering online.

I seriously hope this doesn’t sound insincere.  I obviously pick out items that fit the person and occasion, but the point is why spend your time and energy trying to come up with the most original gift ever that the person may or may not like, want, or already have – when a bottle of good wine (for example) is pretty much always a nice gesture (for those of us that are booze hounds anyway).  Having this repertoire of readily available, quality items that are proven to be met with joy and appreciation makes me less tired, more happy and gives me more time to spend interacting with the person instead of showing up at their home or party etc, pushing a gift at them and falling asleep in the corner (because I am exhausted from shopping for them – if you could follow that rambling scene I created).

I have a friend that would love to be given a pink, rhinestone encrusted stapler – I can easily get that for her, but for many many occasions one of these wonderful items are perfect.  

I think it would be super fun to be Oprah wealthy and buy people over-the-top gifts.

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Leopard flats -

Ever since I saw this photo on the Southerncharm site I have wanted leopard flats. I would scroll on my phone looking at shoes until the very last second possible on the plane and I had to shut it off.  I would wake up at night and think of a site I hadn't tried yet. I have been obsessed. 


If you have the itch too I am going to give a quick review of all the leopard flats I have tried.

I bought these - Dr. Scholl's. They were comfortable but too wide. I went down a half size and they still weren't right - I wasn't sure how VERY cute they were either. Back they went.

Dr. Scholl's "Really" Leopard Flat - about $50.

I thought about these Tory Burch Reva flats a lot - even though they are pricey - I liked them. So I bought a pair on ebay and they showed up FAKE!! So I returned them to the supposedly unsuspecting girl that sold them to me. Jerk. 

Tory Burch leopard flats about $250 originally - ebayers beware.

These Lucky Brand Emmie flats are VERY comfortable - super squishy - like wearing squishy, supportive socks, and I had them in my online cart for a long time, but in the end I wanted some that were a tad dressier and wanted some calf hair ones - so it looks like real leopard. Not that I want to look like I hurt a leopard. The shoes that look like leopard actually use calf-hair which seems horrible now too.  I wish I hadn't brought up animals. I feel sad now about any shoes. 
Lucky Brand "Emmie" Flats - about $60.

I asked a woman on a plane about hers and these Nine West flats are the ones she had. For some reason I couldn't bring myself to buy these even though they were really pretty in person and she said "very comfortable." I was hesitant about the pointy-toe ones - felt better about the idea of the round toe - more "me." I went with pointy toes in the end though so whatever. 
Nine West "Speak Up" Leopard Flat - about $80.  They look prettier in person.

I thought about these as well, but the low price worried me. I wanted something really pretty - this was not the item to go cheapy on.  I am not sure about the fabric - they get good reviews on Amazon though. These are "vegan" which after writing about leopards and calf hair seems like a good idea.
Ollio Leopard Flats about $16

And finally I saw these in Nordstrom's and (no shame here) my MOM bought them for me!  Hooray for that!  Yay Mom! I went for the pointy toe and toe cleavage and all.  And as soon as it's not a thousand and ten degrees here in Florida I will bust these out. 

Steve Madden 'Elusion' Leopard Print Calf Hair Half d'Orsay Flat about $80

They are just pretty to look at in my closet. They fit true to size, by the way. I don't know how comfortable they are yet - probably take a little breaking in.

Anyone have something they are lusting after? Don't say cocaine because that is an actual serious problem. 

** Update! I LOVE the Steve Madden shoes that I bought. They took a couple of times to break them in a little but now they are so comfortable. No support obviously as they are very flat, but I can still wear them all day with and they still feel good.  I wear them with practically any and everything - from super casual to a business suit. They are my favorite pair of fall/winter shoes. They seem to still be available - thanks a lot Steve Madden! - So here are a few that are similar at least. 
Sam Edelman Rae (pointy toe)
Sam Edelman Felicia (round toe)
Nine West Adorabl (more round)
Nine West Zaba (pointy toe)
Breckelle's D'Orsay (pointy toe)

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Moving -

Moving to a new home is not for Tired Girls - at least not the way we have done it, where we made it super complicated by half moving and therefore halfway camping out at each place, and selling and giving away lots of stuff, and then going on a trip in the middle of it all, and also showing our house, and both working, and having a puppy, and sometimes showering.  

We are downsizing at our new spot and since we don't need everything we have, and we bought our old house furnished, we aren't sentimental about a lot of it. So we are selling whole rooms - woot woot!! 

Our new place, with our first load to deliver - this was the beginning - before we spent a month being sweaty. Look how relaxed Joe looks for this 30 seconds. Our rental is "Mid Century Modern" which we love. 

It was impossible to enlist much help in the packing process therefore, because every closet and room had things that were to be given away, sold, packed for the movers, or kept out for use for a few extra weeks. I absolutely do NOT have moving tips for Tired Girls, except how to do it wrong.  As the saying goes - if you can't be a good role model you can serve as a warning. 

The movers brought everything that made the cut, but wasn't needed for two weeks, to the new place across the skinny part of the state. We came over every weekend to unpack and get settled and then returned  to work and tie up loose ends over there.

AND back at the old house with the chaos -
Teddy seized my fatigue and decided to lay on the
table for awhile. Ironically there is a dog training
DVD next to him.

The packing and moving and camping out and sweating didn't bother me at all.  It's the chaos that has taken it's toll.  Dog nail clippers, a DVD cover, an old kitchen towel I use for cleaning, a stack of tissue paper and a priceless heirloom have all converged on a table somewhere and for some reason that makes me want to: 
a) scream, and then 
b) head to the fetal position until it's over and all those items have been resolved.  

This blog is one of my favorite past-times, but when movers are hours away from arriving and one hasn't eaten, hasn't walked the puppy, and hasn't quite finished packing the kitchen, one can't say - "Byeeeee I'm off to vent to the public on my blog."

I'm just complaining at this point.  This is all one long excuse. 

So while the dust hasn't totally settled (I can't find my shower cap or my dirty clothes, and there is a bike in my living room)  we are able to move forward with life as I do know where the bowls are and we actually have art on the walls.

AND then we headed to Nashville  in the middle of all of it - to be with friends.
Here is Joe kissing and hugging "hot chicken."
I am looking forward to rejoining the world, from my new spot. I may have to put off going in to hermit-mode for a few weeks, otherwise I will be butting "moving" mode up against "hermit-mode" and that is surely a lickety-split way to get fired and lose all my friends. 

So, my point is - I am back and I am still tired. 

AND back at the new place - there is weird stuff everywhere. Gag.

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