Sunday, July 27, 2014

A repertoire of gifts to give -

I wrote this a long long time ago, but have been thinking about it this week - 
Tired Girls should have a repertoire of gifts and beloved go-to items for others.  I have a list in my head of all my most favorite presents for every category –hostess gifts to a baby gift to retirement gifts and so on. These are the things I store in my brain as items that are easily accessible to me at the stores close by or via the internet, that I am proud to give as presents and gestures to people in my life.  Here is a list of the categories of go-to items I have – I haven’t give specifics:
  • Favorite red wine
  • Favorite white wine
  • Favorite sparkling wine
  • Favorite baby gift of clothes
  • Favorite baby gift of usable item
  • Favorite children's toy/book
  • Favorite plant
  • Favorite type of flowers to have delivered
  • Favorite decorative item
  • Favorite home good
Proseco is one of my favorite gifts to grab -
they carry it everywhere,
and in my experience it is a hit. 
Almost all of the occasions in my life can fit into one of these types of gifts – weddings, retirements, housewarming, thank yous, congratulations, etc. I can also pick up these presents while running through Publix, Wal-mart, Target or ordering online.

I seriously hope this doesn’t sound insincere.  I obviously pick out items that fit the person and occasion, but the point is why spend your time and energy trying to come up with the most original gift ever that the person may or may not like, want, or already have – when a bottle of good wine (for example) is pretty much always a nice gesture (for those of us that are booze hounds anyway).  Having this repertoire of readily available, quality items that are proven to be met with joy and appreciation makes me less tired, more happy and gives me more time to spend interacting with the person instead of showing up at their home or party etc, pushing a gift at them and falling asleep in the corner (because I am exhausted from shopping for them – if you could follow that rambling scene I created).

I have a friend that would love to be given a pink, rhinestone encrusted stapler – I can easily get that for her, but for many many occasions one of these wonderful items are perfect.  

I think it would be super fun to be Oprah wealthy and buy people over-the-top gifts.

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