Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Easy way to cook Spaghetti Squash

I am new to the spaghetti squash trend, but as I love noodles and not a big butt I have embraced the spaghetti squash. What I do not like is preparing the dang thing though - it is not meant for the very tired (me!). I watched two different videos on youtube about the best way to cut it. But then there was still the insides to reconcile. Long story short - I was not in to it. But I wanted the stuff that felt like pasta, but got few points on Weight Watchers, so I was determined. 
Photo by Martha Stewart,
laziness by the Tired Girl

I found "YourProduceGuy" on youtube and he had the most Tired Girl way to cook spaghetti squash.

Boil it. 

The whole thing - no poking holes, no CUTTING (off fingers). Boil water (I added salt) and place the squash in. Boil for 30-40 minutes and remove (pierce with a fork to see if it's squishy and done). He dumped his into a colander just like pasta to remove from the water. Once out I used my oven mitts to handle it (because it's hot - you know from the boiling),then you slice it in half (easily - phew!!), scrape out the insides (also easily) and then fork the "noodles" into a bowl.

His video is pleasant and I recommend it, even though I just explained the gist. Sometimes it's just fun to watch someone do something.

Martha (Stewart) roasts her spaghetti squash whole (without cutting) - but it takes an hour and twenty minutes, plus having the oven on that long really warms the joint up, and in the summer in Florida that is the opposite of my goal. And I would just rather take less time to get dinner ready. The squash could also be cooked in the microwave (after being sliced - Gag) or whole, but you still have to punch holes in it and I don't know I just don't want to do that either. 

I have also seen where people pierce the squash with a knife and cook in their crockpot. I dislike washing my crockpot container, so I would rather boil on the stovetop. But the crockpot way could be easy too.

If you want to waste time or need a break from the world look up "Spaghetti squash recipes" and wait for your computer to explode. I like looking for the paleo versions and obviously pinterest has the market cornered on this squash.

My friend Anne sent me this recipe - here are her words:

 My favorite way to do it (spaghetti squash) is a spin on Pioneer Woman's noodle bake. I use spaghetti squash (obviously) but I roast some tomatoes to put on top instead of sauce (usually lots of added sugar in those). I've done it with and without the meat. It's good either way. It's a layer of the 'spaghetti', a layer of sour cream and cottage cheese with green onions. Top with roasted tomatoes and extra cheese if you feel like it. It's such a warm, gooey, satisfying casserole. You can google her recipe to get the real amounts, but I play with it because you never know how much a spaghetti squash will yield.

(I edited the part out where we were typical girls and apologized to each other for taking so long to write to each other, respond to each other, and thank each other. )

Anyone have a super Tired Girl spaghetti squash recipe they want to share?

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