Sunday, August 10, 2014

Being Scared -

I had the idea of being a "Tired Girl" about two years ago. I had just seen Bethenny Frankel (from Housewives something or other) on TV, and she was talking about her product line called "Skinny Girl."  I thought to myself, "if I had a line of products they would be called "Tired Girl" and I would sell slippers, and sweatshirts, and foil."

Four months later I had about 50 blog posts written, an unprofessionally designed blog site and no slippers for sale.

And then I just sat on it all and didn't do anything with it. It felt embarrassing. Why did I think I had anything to say that anyone would care about?

And then I was cleaning out my office closet and found a quote I had scribbled down on paper at some point:  "Don't let fear of failure or criticism hold you back."  Which was exactly what I was doing. I was scared to quietly press "publish" or tell anyone about my silly blog.

I am a little bit scared of going to my new gym.
So I decided to not let fear of failure or criticism hold me back (Yeah! Fist in the air!). I decided that my silly blog didn't have to be anything more than that - just something fun - a hobby. Maybe I didn't have anything much to say, but I was going to say nothing anyway.

I have experienced a few things in the past few years that I thought I couldn't do, and as it turns out - I could do them.

I have given in to being tired most of the time. I have given in to being sub-par in a lot of ways and also working to improve my sub-parness, but I don't want to be scared in this life.
This lady is not scared of anything except the wrong vodka.

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