Tuesday, August 4, 2020

Farmer Carrie

I've gained like 89 babillion pounds in the last four months, not because of the pandemic, but because my stupid motherfucking hormones. I guess my body thinks its pregnant - so it's getting my ankles ready for birthing a child?? Is that a thing? To be clear I am not pregnant. Though you'd be tempted to rub my stomach if you saw me. #sassybuddha
I like to joke that I'm built for chores. But this is different. More. Not funny. Beyond sturdy. 

I don't know exactly how much I've gained because my scale is packed. 
My scale is packed because I am moving out of  my little pool home in Tampa up to Citrus County, FL where Joe's generational real estate business continues to thrive. Because he is great
Why we have split our time between Tampa and Citrus Co for five-ish years is a long story, but we are done with it. We are sick of being apart. The pandemic can't be blamed for my current shape, but the pandemic's arrival gave us both the impetus to get all existential and we were like "fuck this being apart thing." I cuss a lot when I write. I'm sorry if it is jarring. 
So we bought a quirky house on 36 acres and the movers come in three days. 
I go to dark places when I move - usually about why I own so many craft supplies that I don't make time for - but this time I have gotten less dark because of my excitement to open my new back door and let Teddy run, and to have coffee with Joe in the morning. We will keep our foot in Tampa - our Tampa real estate company, and our friends will still get our attention. 

Pineapples grow on the property. There are friendly snakes. My new office has no windows. #caveofproductivity. A killer riding lawn mower has been purchased for ME. A tractor will be purchased for the rest of the acreage. A friend will put cows on some of the pastures. Teddy and I can take a walk every morning to say hey to the cows and snakes. 

My hormones wouldn't let me have children. And now they have shaped my body in a new and unexpected way.  But ultimately they haven't gotten in the way of me owning a riding lawn mower and continuing to be surprised every day by this life. Bleh - so dramatic. That's what moving does to me. #Thankyouhormones 

Pole barn with a fab spot for planting fun stuff 

A pineapple!
I tried it out and didn't fall off or run in to anything so I guess you could say I'm a natural mower. 

My office with new floors going in! So fancy I don't NEED windows. 

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