Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Sexism -

I struggle with sexism. Some of you have already stopped reading this (which means you really struggle with it).  
Just like the post I wrote about not telling people you are angry - no one wants to hear about sexism. Which I find, sexist.  From the subtle (and not so subtle) sexualization of women, to the vague comments that not so much undermine women, but rather give undue credit to men in the same situation, to the well known double standard of words that do not have male versions - slut and bitch for example. 
I don't care about the word bitch or slut frankly - I use them liberally. But I care that they don't exist for men.

Men and women are both guilty of all of it. Sheryl Sanberg talks about her own unwitting sexism in her book Lean In (which I LOVE).  SOMETIMES women are even worse than men. 

Once I hear a sound I can't un-hear it. And I can not un-hear the many ways daily that I witness and experience sexism. Only recently has it gotten my attention in the way it has, and because of this I am also forced to realize how little anyone wants to hear about it or notice as well. 
New Girl may be my Spirit Animal

But I don't care. As I strive for the Good Life it means I get to stand up for the things I think are important. Whether that is having a pretty soap dispenser or saying the word fuck or swooning over a purse or blogging about the idea that women should be listened to and not just looked at. 

I get the rules. I know that women that are more palatable, get more done. I can't change that here and now, and frankly I choose to play by a lot of the rules so I can get things done in my life. 

But it doesn't mean I don't notice and don't care - because I do and I do. 

I don't have a solution (obvi - if I did I'd be big time), but I'm watching you sexism. I've got my eyes on you. I let a lot of things in life go and you are not one of them.

As usual I deal with this topic with humor. 

I might do this, but I don't like it! The first step is admitting I have a problem.

I can't verify she said this. Just because its written next to her face. But I do like this. 

If you want one more nugget about this:

I recently came across a "woman's leadership conference" that had THE MOST HEINOUS titled breakout sessions. 
"Matching your shoes to your purse! Ways to Keep your Thoughts and Actions in Line" Or some crap - like just awful. Or like: 
"Spa Day! How to relax AND get things done!"  Or:
"Great Shoes Equal Great Strides" Gag.

As if women wouldn't just want to hear about these topics without such horribly condescending titles. Anywhoooo.

Whats your most favorite sexist thing?  Listening to men talk about women's uterus's? Hearing some sweet guy say something unbelievable sexist when you know he doesn't even have a clue.

Monday, June 6, 2016

BB Cream Review -

The short version is this: I did a bunch of research about BB creams. I chose the Lumene Bright Now Vitamin C BB Cream SPF 20 in Light. I love it. It looks natural, but makes me look more finished. I order two at a time from Amazon.

This is the review from someone else's blog that sold me - read it HERE.
This stuff.

Here is why BB cream could be a good fit for Tired Girls:
1) It is literally one less step - no moisturizer and then makeup - it's just the ONE.
2) you can kind of slather and smoosh it around and somehow it works and blends in and requires minimal exuberance.

So right now you are either thinking - "This stuff only saves one lousy step? Who the hell can't handle moisturizer AND makeup?"

 Or you are thinking "One whole less thing I have to do? Sold." 
If you are the former then you may be in the wrong spot. 

The thing about the BB cream I found though is:

1) It really looks good - better than my other base/foundation makeup.

So steps, expense, availability and slather-ness aside, it really works. 

If you want more to the story or are bored somewhere, here you go:
A few years ago the Lancome base makeup I used was starting to run out. Are you bored already? Me too. I kept buying it not because I necessarily loved it, but it was easier than finding something new. 

But then I got the idea that since I someday I want a beach house I should save money right away and try a drugstore brand of makeup. After much research (like way too much) and much squinting at options in Target, I finally picked something.  

The first day I wore it, I looked up at Joe when he got home that night, and the first thing he literally said to me was "Oh my God, are you okay?  Are you sick?"  

So that stuff went in the trash. 

Undeterred to find something that made me look awesome (and not, ummm, ill)  and would contribute to my beach cottage fund. I started researching BB cream. I had heard a few tepid reviews and Tired Girl Robin gave it a "Meh" when I asked if she'd tried any.

Now that you are double bored I am at the point. I found the lady's review (I posted above) on the internet, tried it the cream she recommended and have never looked back. 

27 million years ago when I considered writing about this topic I asked for opinions on BB cream. And some of you Tired Girls responded (unlike me who would have wanted to help you but wouldn't get around to writing you about my experience). I took a screenshot of all the comments, blurred out names and photos and saved the images.  Somewhere along the line I have misplaced those images. They are on a thumb drive somewhere with other great images of blog posts I plan to write. So thanks in general - you know who you were - who gave me your insight on BB cream way back when.

Any one out there try the Lumene BB Cream? I got a free sample of the CC Cream. It is more coverage which isn't bad, but because of the lightness of the color makes me look a little ghost-like. 

Anyone have any strong opinions on BB Cream in general?

Monday, May 16, 2016

Office tour -

My husband and I have lived in our current house for about two years.  It is a true mid-century modern, for any of you that may be in to architecture. 

We rent it (which I guess is goodsince the roof leaks occasionally), but leaks aside we love love love this place! We think it's pretty, and Teddy loves the yard. Plus, there are no roaches in this old house, under big trees. I think we have had like three in our two years, which if you live in Florida you know is a real accomplishment. 

As a Tired Girl I love to scroll through images of people's well appointed homes on Pinterest. So today I am sharing photos of my whacky office/ workout room/ laundry room/ Joe's office/ garage/ craft room/ pantry. That's a lot of /'s.  

It's important to note that THIS room is not well appointed though. It has an extra fridge in it. It also houses shelves with our food. It is literally our pantry, so nothing to brag about here people. 

But it is also fun to look at people's less well done homes too - just fun to nose around. If someone else's room is quirky, it makes me feel about good my little place. If someone else's room looks heinous, then I feel better than someone else. So lots of options for your feelings here. 
I did a tour of my office in our previous house. It was super boring as that room was just three things - office, craft room, and extra guest room. Yawn. Where's the fridge you may ask when you look at this one. Actually I stinking loved that office too. You can see it here.  In that post I discuss my greater philosophy about why I would take photos of my house and post them. 

So, here we go. 

Joe's area is on the left, and food pantry on the right welcomes you in! If all the blinds worked I would have them all raised up. But they don't and since we rent, down they stay. 

Just like my old office - I have crammed a lot in to this place ( I think it's symbolic of my life - I like to squeeze a lot in). The glass ceiling is one of my favorite parts, even though it gets hot as crap in here starting around 1:15 every day in the spring/summer. The squirrels thump around above me and when it rains hard I can't hear my meeting. But nothing beats natural light to feel connected to the world.

A tidy version of my desk. It looks like this every couple of weeks and then a few hours in, it gets away from me. The window  in front of it would look into another room of our house. But I keep those blinds down in there, and have this glass wall as a bulletin board.  This is my same desk that my dad made me as a craft table years ago. I heart it.

This is my desk on one of the messiest days ever. I took this shot to show the other extreme. There may or may not be slippers  ON my desk.

This is not an accurate depiction of my situation, but I like it nonetheless. 

And finally our extra fridge.  Yes we are only two people, why should we require another whole fridge? It's complicated, and it involves our generous friends always bringing lots of interesting beer over, every time they come. So what could be used to prep and house extra food is really just a beer fridge. I am looking at you David and Pat. 

This may be the worst photo so far. My treadmill flanks the laundry room door, then shelves of craft stuff, canned goods and my work laptop. I am sure some of you are pretty nervous looking at all of this. 

This is my laundry room that is about 12 feet from my desk. Nothing says professionalism like the sound of my washer draining. I like it though - clean laundry is one of my fave smells. You'd think with my laundry so close I'd be better at it. 

I'm really in to quality laundry rooms. It's a thing. I love this one because of the big sink. 
This is Joe's area. If you have ever worked with Joe you will know that his desk has been drastically neatened up for this photo, and in reality it would never look like this. If you dumped a box of papers on top of all of this it wold feel better to him.
Here is a close-up of some of his stuff.
Teddy is always my favorite part of any room.

I would seriously love to see any of yall's offices or catch-all room. You can attach to a comment or Facebook post.  Do it. 

Monday, May 9, 2016

Summer shoes -

My feet are not my best feature, on their best day. And on their worst day (feet have bad days after all) I want to cover them up. Blah blah blah I'll cut to the chase. 
I need summer flats. 

If you live anywhere where it isn't sweltering most of the year you probably think the idea of "summer flats" is dumb. But when the heat index and humidity align your surroundings with the inside of your oven, ever scrap of clothing is examined for its worth. Shoes included. 

I haven't been able to pull off ankle boots in any season, so maybe I am just jealous, but a cute sundress and leather ankle boots in Florida for a majority of the year just seems -- reckless. 

Flip flops and open-toed sandals are the way to go for me. But for the few times  I need something that covers up large portions of my feet - I need to be able breathe and look appropriate. 

Am I the only that has this issue I am wondering now?

Here are a few options if you find yourself in the same occasionally mangy-footed boat as me.  
Women's dv Tia Espadrilles in Gold from Target - I recently bought these and I love them. They are squishy supportive on the inside. About $25

 Reef Women's Shaded Summer ES Fashion Sneaker  in Blue Raffia. About $45. Here are some similar ones at Target as well.

The SAK Women's Ella Espadrille in Seafoam Flower Power. About $48.

Tom's Canvas Slip-On in Natural Metallic Burlap - A classic and this texture is really pretty. About $50.

Converse Womens Chuck Taylor Shoreline Sneaker in White. I love this bright white color and stretchy heel.

About $60. Also a classic.

Crocs get a bad rap, but I have some similar to these and I love them.  They are great for a day at an amusement park. You don't get party gravy all over your feet and you can throw them in the washing machine or hose them off when you get home. They are light weight and I think pretty supportive. I like these - 

crocs Women's Kadee Animal Print W Flat. About $20!

Sanuk Women's Fiona Slip-On Shoe in Berry

I love the looks of these. I have never tried on Sanuk's, but I know people love them. This pink color gets me!!
About $50.

Did I miss any cute summer flats that I need to know about? 

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

How to think -

Thinking is important for a lot of reasons that you know, so I don't have to tell you. 

But sometimes getting in to a situation where your brain is the perfect mix of relaxed and alert is harder to accomplish than you would first imagine. 
About wine vs hard liquor - or is it just me?

Once it happens a few times you know the value of dedicated thinking time and what can come from it. Everything from major life choices to the subtle adjustments needed to make a project work. 

It's worth the effort. 

Here are a few ideas:
- Shower (classice - everyone knows this one)
- Bed (usually around 2:30 am for me)
- Acupuncture
- After wine has set in (but before crying starts - I've got a small window)
- Driving alone or with someone quiet
- When I am ovulating (just being honest here in case it works for you too)
- Time away (like days and days)
- Church (no offense to the minister/father/speaker)
- Music - the right kind can create that mix of relaxed and engaged
- White noise  (TV blaring) - Makes me nutso but my husband does well with this. 
- Tanning Bed (not recommended for the whole CANCER part)

Times that do not work for me:
- Dedicated time to "sit and think" (bleh)
- Yoga ("This hurts")
- Treadmill  ("This sucks.")
- While drinking hard liquor  ("I like dizzy!")
- Massage (All I think about is the person massaging me.)

I am a morning thinker (different than a morning person I think).  If things aren't working for me past 8 pm (ha haha hahah ha how about 6:30) I know that first thing in the a.m. the solution will usually present itself. For others this happens in the quiet dark of the evening. 

I wrote these words without any research and here is science that backs ME up (bam). The bottom line if you don't want to read all that, is that occasions that create dopamine, or are relaxing, cause creativity. But there is more if you want to read - here. 
Came from Pinterest long time ago.
Looks like was made for children I think.
Could be helpful to adults.

"A brain is a place to have ideas, not a place to store them." Ironically I forgot where I read this or who said it. But it really affected me. 

I went on a quest to buy or create a cool "planner" to help organize myself, and house/channel my ideas.  There are only a million interesting planners out there as proved by my Pinterest feed. I downloaded this (Passion Planner) at one point, but the truth is a blank piece of paper in a spiral notebook works the best for me - I can make lists inside lists, etc. 

Just like eye cream it's less important the how's and what's and more important that you just do it.  Even if tired, you know I am there with you, pay attention to the times where your brain just opens up. 

If you got lost in this quote you aren't alone. I had to read a few times - no judgement dammit. But these words have a valid point. I want to coax my lively brain along.  
Comehere brain!

Anyone have ideas for how to think well?
Does music work for or against you? 

Thursday, April 21, 2016

Turkey Meatballs -

I rarely read food blogs. Because a) I don't like to cook, and b) I don't read many blogs because I am afraid I may steal someone else's voice. But regardless I always end up on food blogs, because I want the dang recipe that I found on Pinterest and I have to scroll through 18 photos and a story about someone's grandma's neighbor to get the part where I am told what the actual recipe is. No offense though because I do appreciate the part where there is an actual recipe. A recipe I wouldn't have otherwise. 
Liz Lemon is my spirit animal. 

So no stories - just the recipe. 

Tired Girl Turkey Meatballs -
2 1/2 lbs of ground turkey (I get this at Sam's Club)
1 egg
1/4 cup warm milk
1/2 cup bread crumbs (about 1.5 pieces of bread or about 15 saltines or whatever you have on hand) (I use rice crackers for my mother in law who is Gluten-Free)
1/2 tsp salt
1/2 tsp Worcestshire Sauce
3 tsp-ish Onion Powder, 
2 tsp-ish Parsley, 
2 tsp-ish Oregano, 
2 tsp-ish Basil

Meatballs - one of the more ugly foods. 
These guys are as camera ready as possible.
Preheat oven to 400 degrees. Mix all ingredients with your hands. Line brownie pan with foil, spray with cooking spray (so you don't have to wash the pan).  

Using a 1/2 cup scoop out and form mixture in to big meatballs. I measured mine out at first - consistency is the key to getting them all cooked correctly. Bake 25-30 minutes. 

I serve with rice or spaghetti squash and a veggie. But there is any number of combos that are good with these. They are also great to make ahead, make a double batch, or make and bring to a family with a new baby, etc. 

My cookbook: "Weeknight Dinners - Recipes To Make in Your Sleep" will be finished soon - in true Tired Girl form I am not done with it yet. Bleh. 

If you want me to contact you when my cookbook is available, please sign up for email HERE. You can also see the cover.
I won't spam you - I don't have the energy for all that. I'll just email you and say "Hey, if you want to buy my cookbook, you can now."  It's going to seem like you "subscribed" to something, but you didn't. 
Five email signer-uppers will receive a free cookbook. 

If you want to follow The Tired Girl's (me!) blog click HERE

Yes to Life -

I recently made turkey meatballs on TV.  In true Tired Girl style I had the great idea to submit a recipe to a syndicated TV show that is filmed here in Tampa - called Daytime.

Ideas are always the easy part. I heart ideas. But then I had to follow through. Follow through is the hard part. I am not so great at follow through.  That basically sums up Tired Girls - first our brains are connecting and excited with ideas for our lives, and then our brains are like: "Oh shit. I have to do something." 

The quick story of how I came to be working innocently from home in my pj's to sticking my hand in raw ground turkey on TV is this: 

- I emailed the show (called Daytime)  when they asked if anyone wanted to share a recipe. 
- Then I over thought my potential four minute cooking spot for about a week. 
- I googled "TV makeup."  I googled "Tips for being on TV."  I reached out to some famous chefs about how not to ruin your life when cooking on TV.  
- I made a bunch of turkey meatballs the day before. 
- I wore a bunch of makeup that day. 
- And then went out to lunch with a friend, when it was over. Because TV personalities lunch (it's a verb)

This post has no tips or suggestions. I am just telling the story because cooking turkey meatballs on TV is a thing.  I will post my life changing Tired Girl Turkey Meatball recipe. I will post the four minute segment of me probably making awkward faces, when it airs. I will also post about "How To Be On TV and Not Melt Down" or some similar title. 

There is nothing normal about this video. But this is what happens when you have to get ready to cook on TV. 
Yes Witch Hazel and Bactine are involved. 

Anyone else out there ever make turkey meatballs on TV? 
Anyone else want to start hashtagging everything #turkeymeatballs, regardless of relevance? 
Anyone ever sign up to do something and then wonder what in the heckfire you were thinking? 

Friday, March 18, 2016

Eye Cream - The windows to our young-looking souls

A re-post from a few years back. Just a friendly reminder to slather some sort of cream on your eyes so people wonder if you got a face lift over spring break. (Note to self - Reminder for next spring break -- price out face lifts.)

Here is the deal with eye cream. It may or may not work and we will never really have the answer (once we are wrinkly we may think, "Oh crud that stuff didn't work," but maybe it DID and we are less wrinkly than we would have been - and maybe not, or maybe if we had used a better brand or more or whatever and this goes on forever).  
If you see me with glitter under my eyes,
just go with it.

I don't think it can hurt to use it though. Lotion seems to soften things and softer things mostly look nice.  So here are the Tired Girl's tips for eye cream:

1) Use it - it doesn't matter what brand, just put some kind of cream around your eyes before bed at night.  

2). Use your ring finger and tap the cream on and around your eyes - so that you don't mess up your eyes by putting too much pressure on them and all that - it's just the most gentle way to do it.

That's it. 

Well one more thing - I keep eye cream by my bed (because I like to hurry and lay down in the evenings, so it's one less thing to do standing in the bathroom, that I can instead do lying in bed). I also keep some by my computer in my office and in my travel bag. I have different brands everywhere, but I think if I have access to the stuff I will use it. I talk about that idea with other supplies - here. 

Pair eye cream with Frownies. And then also quit your job, so you can sleep in and have someone read you everything on your computer and phone so you don't have eye strain and you'll like the most rested version of yourself. 

There is some dog slobber hiding here in places too, so don't look too close. Here is my Olay cream.

Here is my Yes to Blueberries Cream.

Friday, March 11, 2016

Camera or Virtual Assistant?

I use my phone a lot and the smallest fraction is actually talking to people - no offense to people.  Just like everyone else in the world I suppose, my phone houses almost everything important.  I won't give you the list because you can piece it together. 

The feature I use more than anything else I think is my camera, and consequently my gallery is like a virtual file cabinet. The book I saw at that one gift store that would be a great birthday gift for my mom - I don't text or email it to myself, I just snap a photo. The replacement blades for Joe's electric razor, there is a photo of the number on my phone. The brand of salsa I like, so I don't forget when I am at the store = photo.  A picture of my feet before I get on the plane so I can compare to after because sometimes they swell and I want to be able to tell = photo. The name of the fabric I like at Joann's so I can go home and google it to find it cheaper = photo. The design on the a plastic cup that I might want to paint = photo.  Should I bore you with more? No. I take pictures of a lot of things.  
I don't take too many selfies -
I haven't mastered any part of it.

To me this is a great trick for Tired Girls.  There is no scrolling through your emails to see where you emailed yourself the address of your friend. You don't have to think "What month was that that I got her card and it made me remember to add her address to the Christmas card list? Well Nina retired in January so maybe it was then, maybe that was the party, OR was it in March when she sent the invite for Christy's baby shower?"  

So instead of all that brain energy and digging through your texts and emails you just fly through your photos until you see the photo of an envelope with your friend's address on it. In between the important photos of addresses and style numbers and magazine covers are photos of my friends laughing at a concert and Ralphie laying on every soft surface in my house and Joe smiling big on vacation.  In between the important things are the happy things, so while shopping at Wal-Mart I can revisit my vacation and see the photo of the size of filter I need for my vacuum. 
Not my size, but style can be looked up online

This probably sounds pretty dumb - like "yeah Tired Girl everyone does this", but it both saves me energy and time and makes for a more fun existence (and that is practically my whole goal in life),  so I am sharing.  You know what they say (mostly JFK said it) "Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country," so this is what I am doing.  

The problem may lie if my phone is ever destroyed or lost. I think if you have an Iphone your photos can be backed up to a cloud.  When I got a new phone a while back they transferred all my photos.  But if you have your phone in your pocket and wade in to the gulf (Joe) or close your tailgate on your truck on your phone (Joe) or get your purse stolen with your phone inside (almost me - my phone was in my pocket luckily) then you have less options.

Here are a whole bunch of possibly non-interesting photos to share with you:

Function - a pic of a swimsuit my MIL bought for my neice and I can look for matching flip-flops for a gift

Fun - Besties at a concert

Function - to remember this song -2Pac is not usually my genre - this was a fluke.

Fun - My wonderful friend and her charismatic dog, Boo.

Function - where we are parked

Fun - Ralphie in the middle of cleaning out the closet project
Function - a slide from a conference so I don't have to take furious notes

Fun - Joe working in the yard (fun for me not him)
Function and fun - a painting I like in a magazine at the doc office

Fun - a poorly lit pic of my mom

Anyone else use their camera phone as a virtual file cabinet?

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