Sunday, April 21, 2013

Wine fight -

Me and wine don't get a long.  I know that it's proper grammar to say something like: I don't get a long with wine or something, but I like the way the other sounded better.  Like we have super a tumultuous relationship.

The deal is I like the way wine tastes. I do not like the way wine makes me feel.  So even though it's fun and yummy to cruise around my house with a big old glass of wine, order wine and sound like a know-it all at dinner, and accept a glass of wine at a friends house - I don't do any of these things anymore.

When I drink wine - even one small glass - I feel like crap, will probably cry about something later in the evening, and then will not be able to sleep that night. Quick sign me up for never doing any of that.  

I have a friend that got a face lift.  When our mutual friend saw her - not knowing she had done this - she said to me - "Have you seen Jane*???" She looks sooo rested." 

I want to not get a face lift (anytime soon anyway) and just look jealous-inducing rested - so even though it is un-cool - I have happily given up wine to be less of a Tired Girl.  

Gin and tonics and I get along great though, so I'm not a total flat tire.

I guess I am not this kind of classy anymore - using the word classy immediately feels like the opposite though -  so I am okay with it.
just fun - 

*my friend's name is not really Jane - her face (lift) looked awesome though - not at all like she had work done - just truly rested, and she's a kind and wonderful person so there's that too to know about her. 

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