Thursday, April 11, 2013

De-puffing puffy eyes

With the luck of the draw I get to have really puffy eyes in the morning.  I could give you the reasons my eyes are puffy, but the bottom line is that they are - pretty much every morning.

When I get to lead a life of pure leisure - wake at my chosen time, be worked out by a personal trainer, and have breakfast served to me on the veranda, I bet my eyes will de-puff naturally, but until that happens I figured out a way that helps me de-puff when I need to be presentable.

I love sleeping on my stomach and consequently my face, which is the first step in not looking like an alien, but sometimes I can't fight the need for face/mattress time. So that could be step number one in preventing – but I often skip that step.  

So that misstep aside - here is what I do:

I have taken the little beads out of an eye mask and put them in a small ziploc bag and I can keep the bag in the freezer.  Any morning I feel extra puffy I pull them out and lay completely flat on my back on the sofa or wherever for just a few minutes. I lay the bag over my eyes and right underneath my eyes (the areas I am most swollen).  The beads warm up quickly and once they are warm – I am done.  I usually will lay there an extra second and, using my ring finger, tap the area all around my eye – to get that fluid moving out of there. The whole process takes a minimum of 2 or 3 minutes – longer if I have time to just lay there.

I have tried a lot of other things in the past – tea bags, cold spoons, different products, and this is what works for me. I cut open the mask these beads come in, because the mask fits around the eyes not right on, it is too stiff to maneuver, and the frozen cold on my forehead was unpleasant and unhelpful.  I also tried to use rice once and that didn’t work for me – didn’t get cold enough even when frozen. I like these little beads because they easily fit into all the little areas of my eyes (inside the bag) and are frozen, but not painful.

If any of you Tired Girls have a plan or product that really helps you de-puff I would love to know what it is.  These puffy eyes are REAL and not me just being hard on myself, and I suspect they won’t get better as I get older. 

I wanted to take a before and after pic of my eyes, but the idea of using a camera at that point in the morning is also unsettling and unhelpful.

Here is a pic of the eye mask I am talking about – this one is at Big Lots for $2.  Buying two would be a good idea – more beads for surface area or pressure.

cut the mask open, put the beads in a ziploc, freeze, put on your eyes in the am and even if you feel like a Tired Girl, you will look like a young, rested girl. 


  1. Witch hazel pads. Ultimate de-puffer. I use witch hazel as my daily toner. Yeeeah puffiness!! (Jenny - Nashville... yeah, that's right. Here come the comments...)

    1. Witch hazel??? Who knew? Awesome - it's on the grocery list. You won't even recognize me - I will be positively angular without all this swell! Can I but it in bulk?

  2. In my opinion, if the problem of puffy eyes persists for a log time, then instead using remedies, its better to go and check out and opticians, because eye is an sophisticated organ and requires proper care. If any problem remains for a long time, then it requires treatment.

  3. Hmm...tea bags, cold spoons are amazing way to remove puffiness so soon. Just a quick note to tell you that I have a passion for the topic "De puffing puffy eyes" at hand. Thanks

  4. A few week ago I try to remove my puffy eyes with cold spoons and after using those spoon I got the better. Really I was seeking forward to know the info's from here. By the way, I'm working at upwork now. Thanks.


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