Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Life events - choose a partner

I cannot make more than one big life change at a time
I cannot:
lose weight
get a new job
get good at a new job
go gluten free
get pregnant
sell my house
do a liver cleanse
save lots of money
plan a wedding
heal a very sick dog
do an art show
be great at any job
not get sick
help my dog lose weight
fix my sinus problems
get in good shape
maintain a constantly perfect-ish house and weed-free yard 
all at once*. 

 I can do like two of these things at a time - depending on the actual combination. Luckily no one has asked me to do all of them at the same time though.  

I am constantly striving for an even better life in one way or another, but as a Tired Girl I need to pick my life changes or at least partner them up in a a reasonable way. More than one or two at a time and I am out.

This quote makes me feel like working hard at the big things in life - and  it's even more fun when it's around Dwight's all-business face.  

* I am not currently looking to do many of these things right now - I am already married for example, so I am not planning a wedding , but all of these things have been done at some point in my life - and all of them were a lot of work.  

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