Tired Girl Avoids Exercising

When my sweet dog Ralphie died, my sadness manifested in anxiety.  The first day after his death my husband and I went on a long walk and sweat and cried out our sadness.  We have continued to take a walk almost every day since then, and sometimes twice a day. 

The days that I have not exercised in some way have been harder days for me this summer; they are the days I am more anxious and more upset.  So it doesn't take a rocket scientist to make this jump.  Exercise helps with lots of things - sadness and anxiety being added to the list. 

I have not lost any weight with all of this movement because it turns out when you are sad (or happy or hungry or tired) you (read: me) want to eat cinnamon rolls and hamburgers by the handful.  And when you are sad (or happy or hungry or tired) you (read: me) do it.

The beauty in this walking plan though is that I am moving and exercising because I want to, because I will feel better, not because I am forcing myself and then negating it by pigging out later and then feeling guilty - oh God the cycle!!

This is exercise for energy.  Exercise for a peaceful mind. 

The unexpected death of my dog represented more to me than just the simple loss of a loving pet, and as I said, anxiety took hold.  I have had mild anxiety before and I assume I will again at some point.  I also will move past this part of my life and I may slip back to my old habits of feeling happy to lay around more than less. It is good to know though for the days (or weeks) where I am sad, anxious, stressed, depressed or whatever that I have a tool at my fingertips.  So I am happy to be a Tired Girl if I am simply tired from this kind of therapeutic exercise. 

If you are going to make poor food choices, make GOOD poor food choices.  Sister Schubert's cinnamon's rolls are the best.  They sell them at Publix and not at Wal-Mart, incase it's an emergency and you only have time to stop at one store to get them.  Also don't eat these over the sink because when a big chunk falls off you will be annoyed that you wasted that chunk when you could have just gotten a plate.  Also see my post where I am trying to kick this habit - weight watchers. Sigh

This was found in the "cry for help" section on www.someecards.com.  Not cool. 

This poorly taken photo is of one of my favorite moisture-wicking shirts that I walk in.  I got a few at Marshall's and this "Avia" top was like $7.99  It's moisture wickingness makes miserably hot walks more bearable.  Of course I heart Marshall's. 

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I hate the P90x commercials. Lots of people could be in great shape if they simply exercised for over an hour every day for 90 days – we don’t need your videos about“muscle confusion” to do that. I would like to purchase a program that shopped for food, made meals and cleaned up after so I had the energy to work out for an hour every day. Screw you P90x.

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Secret exercises. I do not enjoy the gym, so I sneak in exercise. I do calf lifts (just going up on my toes over and over) while I dry my hair. I do arm rotations while I’m waiting for my work to load on my computer. Leg lifts while I’m on the phone. Butt clenches while I leave voicemails. Yardwork. Vacuuming. You get the idea. This is not organized – I just make myself move while other things are happening.

My grandmother has a famous quote in our family. “Why stand when you can sit, why sit when you can lie down.” I actually think this way too. Why would I want to ruin a perfectly good tv show by exercising while I’m watching it? I would prefer to move as little as possible, but my jeans would prefer I move my duff around the house, and since I think one the best accessories a woman can wear is an in-shapeish type body, then I make myself move. Since taking my new job where I work from home I strive to sneak in exercise wherever I can.
Please send me your secret exercise ideas. tiredgirl.notes@gmail.com

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I assume if you are awake you are angry about something.  I know I am.  
This anger easily manifests itself when I exercise – luckily I am in the privacy of my home when my anger regimen begins. As you know – for me – the gym sucks.  

I don’t consciously think about children and animals that are abused, intolerance, dirty water, hate crimes, sweet hungry faces around the world – instead I listen to the most awful music and run like a crazy person on my treadmill, punching in the air and screwing my face up in revolution.  Hey – eff you world!

F-bombs, sexual innuendos, angry women, angry men, vulgarity, poor choices, great beats, and general screw-you-ness all make up my perfect exercise playlist.   

The sweat pours down and that makes me angry too, because exercising sucks.  But at the end I feel calm, happy, and energized – all that anger and tension is spent. 

If you are angry about anything take it out on a tennis ball, a yoga mat, your bicycle, your stairs.  Exercise buys me time of less tiredness.  Sometimes I only go 5 minutes and sometime I go for an hour (just the one time in '98) – I don’t judge myself though because judgement  sucks – yeah! Fist in the air!! 

Something to be angry about just in case you have nothing:

not the end of the world, but not cool either  -  p.s. I have no idea if this fact is true or where this picture came from, so you could also be angry about negligent bloggers like me

Yeah!! my shorts are going to look great on me because of all the crappy things in this world!

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I actually HAVE been doing a mini abs workout.  

Two weeks ago I shared this image from a friend:

The image (and swimsuit season) got me thinking about my abs as well.

So what I've been doing:
I lay flat on my couch and reach my hands above my head to hold on to the arm of the couch. I keep my legs together and lift both legs in the air bending at the waist. I lower them (but not all the way) and repeat. 

I like this because it's an exercise that truly involves laying on your couch.  Watching tv, getting my abs awesome (maybe), watching more tv.  I think it only involves some of your ab muscles, but I'm okay with that for now.

It hurts like crap so I am either injuring myself or about to get ripped (or realistically somewhere in the middle). I do three reps of between 10-15 and each time I do just one extra crunch - to push myself - so I have better tomorrow of course (see image).  

Unfortunately when you push yourself physically you have a more painful tomorrow - the poster left that out. 

Here are some possibly ill-conceived images of me demonstrating these super complicated moves. I put a  filter on them to make them more interesting and less weirdly personal.

If you know that this is a terrible way to work your abs, or these moves will permanently injure me - please let me know so that I can stop. 

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 


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