Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Secret exercises -

I do secret exercises.  I do not enjoy the gym, so I sneak in exercise.  I do calf lifts (just going up on my toes over and over) while I dry my hair and brush my teeth.  I do arm rotations while I’m waiting for my work to load on my computer.  Leg lifts while I’m on the phone.  Butt clenches while I leave voicemails.  Yardwork.  Vacuuming. 

You get the idea.  This is not organized – I  just make myself move while other things are happening. 

My grandmother has a famous quote in our family.  “Why stand when you can sit, why sit when you can lie down.”  I actually think this way too.  Why would I want to ruin a perfectly good tv show by exercising while I’m watching it? I would prefer to move as little as possible, but my jeans would prefer I move my duff around the house, and since I think one of the best accessories a woman can wear is an in-shapeish type body, then I make myself move.  

Since taking my new job where I work from home I strive to sneak in exercise wherever I can.  Please send me your secret exercise ideas. tiredgirl.notes@gmail.com

This girl has it all figured out and has cute around the house outfits enough to photograph herself - http://violetsage.wordpress.com/tag/lazy-girl-fitness/ 

This is not me - but a resourceful girl who took great pics of herself that inspire me get that workout in - she is:  http://violetsage.wordpress.com/tag/lazy-girl-fitness/ 

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