Tuesday, November 27, 2012

One credit card -

I have one credit card and therefore one credit card bill.  Any big purchase or online purchase goes on this card.  All the “points” are in one place. Most importantly I get one bill, so there is a greater chance that I will pay it on time. I have already told you my trouble with mail and so less bills coming in help me out. I keep an eye out for one credit card bill.  It is tempting to have a Gap, Jcrew, Target and Marshalls Card.  My mom gets great benefits from her Pottery Barn card.  But none of those benefits outweigh the costs for me.  I know my weakness and all it takes is one month of being too busy or too tired, missing the payment on one credit card, because I am not paying attention and all my points and credit and all that goes down the drain because I have to pay a late fee.  Bleh.  One card, one bill, one place to rack up points, one card to use when I am return something.

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