Tuesday, November 27, 2012

"good at the internet"

“Be good at the internet.”  This is a quote from my friend Vanessa and I love it.  “Being good” at the internet saves me lots of time and energy.  For example, I  buy my dog’s dry food, greenies and vitamins from a small online company in Rhode Island. (www.doggiefood.com).   I pay much less, and it arrives at my door – pure heaven. 

Recently I mailed several fun girly DVD’s using amazon prime to a friend that is going through chemo.  The money and energy I would have spent looking for the particular movies, making the package cute and getting them to her would have been considerable.  On www.amazon.com I could pick the exact movies (and a couple of paperback books) and they arrived at her door in two-days ( I have amazon prime – totally worth it)!  I saved money, energy and my gesture was able to be felt immediately.  
Being good at the internet in these examples gives me both more time and more money.

A box of food, vitamins & goodies from doggiefood.com - a very exciting snapshot of  a box.

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  1. Love this! I recently have learned to be good at the internet! Amazon.com! I buy everyday items like shampoo and diapers from Amazon. Become a Prime member set up a click and buy account, save money, and get what you need on your front door step two days later with free shipping! love it! Huge time and energy saver! Amazon also has an app. for on the go cell phone shopping!


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