Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Get help -

Get help.  I’m not generally one to ask for help from friends.  I either make it work on my own or I don’t do it. But occasionally I reach out for help from friends – especially in an area where they are especially proficient – and I am amazed how these friends not only don’t seem to mind, but the result is so phenomenal that it was worth the ask. 

My dear friend Jamie taught me how to make this blog look cute.  She is a whiz at this stuff, because not only does she have great taste but her degree is in Graphic Design!  I asked her if she would make this blog look cute and she got me started and helped me not be afraid to mess around with html or whatever (because if I totally messed it up, she would fix it for me).  

Sometimes I think our instinct, when someone offers help is to say "Oh, no thank you - I got this."  But some times I don't "got" anything, and help is wonderful.

The key in accepting help is to genuinely appreciate the help, and show it. The words "Thank you"  really go a long way. And lots of jumping up and down hugs, and gushing and stuff, is good too.

My parents, in-laws, and husband give me lots of help in big and little ways and it sure is awesome.

Tired Girls need friends! 

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