Tuesday, November 27, 2012

A dinner for Tired People

Cooking dinner sometimes looks like fun, if I accidentally watch the Food Network (it always makes me hungry though, so I skip it). I love the idea of pouring a glass of wine, putting on some music and having a movie montage dinner-making session with myself. But realistically I am tired and usually try to make dinner that uses as few pans as possible. Less pans equals less clean up which equals more free time in the evening.

Here is my go-to dinner when I just can't handle much:

-rectangle or square brownie style pan

-foil (i just can't quit you foil)

-defrosted chicken breasts or thighs (or whatever I have)

-BBQ sauce (I use King's in a little jug from Publix, but I think it's local to Florida)

-fresh vegtables ( I buy the kind already cut up – more $ but less time)

-brown rice

 I use brown rice because my husband LOVES rice and this is at least healthier for us, but it takes about 50 minutes on the stove. Rice and I don't get along that well (at all - we almost hate each other so I haven't mastered the microwave.  I cook on the stove. Please feel free to send me your tired girl tips for brown rice in the microwave. ) I get the rice started – I have to set the timer for the rice or I will forget.

 Turn oven on to 350 degrees. Line the pan with foil, rinse off the chicken and dry (I use hand towels that I wash, but you could use papertowel) place in pan, pour the BBQ sauce on breasts and kind of swish the chicken in it - both sides. Throw it in the oven (even while it's pre-heating).

I rinse off pre-cut brocoli (more expensive, but easy), green beans in the bag, or asparagus (I cut off the ends) or spinach in the bag, and put in a glass dish (no plastic in the microwave - no thank you on the cancer).

 Timing is important when cooking but we don’t care that much in our house. If the rice finishes before anything else it sits on the stove with lid on. Once it is done I scoop some butter into it and then right before I serve it I moosh it all together – melted butter and rice.  When I pull the chicken out I start the veggies in the microwave – 3 to 4 minutes. The chicken can sit and I can get out plates, etc.

Cleanup is minimal and aside form the inevitable chemicals and sugar in the BBQ sauce it's a pretty healthy meal and one I can do practically asleep or while maneuvering through other projects.  Please send me your most tired, go-to recipes at tiredgirl.notes@gmail.com

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