Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Speaking of giving away clothes and things -  I highly recommend that too.  I do not have garage sales (unless my husband makes me - and then it is a hostile takeover), I do not consign, nor do I  sell little things on craiglist or ebay (these things require so much energy and you get so little money in comparison).
 Keep a big sack going and when you come across something in your house you don’t need or want, that doesn’t fit you, or you never really liked - drop it in the sack.  When the sack is full drive by your favorite charity’s thrift store OR not even your favorite charity, but a thrift store that is on your way to work or the grocery store.  Just hand it off and you are done.  You have raised money for a nonprofit (and hopefully one you support), you have made someone’s day (they can brag that they found this wonderful top at the Salvation Army thrift store for $3).  And most significantly for you - you have saved yourself a world of energy AND  streamlined your closet and life by not being bogged down by things you don’t really like or need. 

Somehow my body and my life continue to change, so every few months I can take a trip through my closet and always find something that no longer works for me.  It can take me a few months sometimes to fill up my donate sack, so if I really miss it I can always go fish it out and keep it.  But I will tell you I very rarely save anything from the giveaway sack.  Once it’s in I don’t even miss it, instead I dance around my uncluttered closet knowing everything in there fits and I like it.

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