Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Best undereye concealer -

Put money under your eyes.  One of my favorite beauty products to buy is concealer. I think I am on the hunt for youth. 

Fellow Tired Girl Vanessa gave me this Tired Girl tip.  Here are her exact words from an email:

My tired girl tips are to spend money on good undereye concealer. I tried going cheapie on it for a while there, and everyone would ask me if I was feeling okay, because I looked so rough. Lancome makes a good one. I use the Lancome Effacernes as my concealer. It's the best I've found, although sometimes it's still not quite powerful enough, so I have to add a layer of Benefit Eye Bright Stick underneath.”

She is a new mom, and she’s gorgeous, so she knows her stuff. I have this concealer and I too like it.  We both have it in "Clair II" if you know either of us.  We are both pretty fair skinned. 

I also use this Mary Kay Signature Concealer in "Light Ivory." I literally have no recollection of buying it as it has been years since I have interacted with a Mary Kay rep. I love it though.  I use both of these products - not at the same time.

It is my un-expert opinion that you error on the side of going lighter than darker. In this new rage of "facial contouring"  the lightest color is always put under the eyes. 

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