Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Baskets, my only organizatoin -

Oh baskets – how I love to love you.  I heart baskets and bins and containers and trays. Even the weirdest combination of stuff looks fine when contained in a cute basket or nice tray.  I can have a pile of stuff that makes me tired just to look at - I put a quality basket next to my sofa in my family room and voila, instant “organization.”  I have baskets and bins tucked everywhere in my home.  They contain the undefined stuff that my family invariably acquires and uses on a daily basis. To me baskets solve so many issues. 

 My husband will give me “stabby eyes” when I return from a trip to Marshalls, TJ Maxx, Target or Wal-Mart – he looks for baskets, but I do not falter in my love for them.  Another bonus is you can quickly grab up  a bin of stuff and stash away somewhere if guests are coming over.  Containers make me less tired because (as evident in their name) they contain things that I then have access to but don’t have to have spread out all over.

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