Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Know yourself -

Know yourself.  Hello me nice to meet me.  I am a morning person – so I front load my day, because I know I am going to be tired early and won’t feel like doing anything of importance passed like 8pm (or 5:30 - don't judge).  

I also do not care about getting my nails done.  I can’t do anything with those nails, and the whole time they are getting done I am thinking about the money I could be spending on a cute shirt from J.Crew.  I do not feel relaxed, so I don’t do it.  I would rather spend that money and time elsewhere.

I understand though that some women crave the pampering type feeling that comes with a pedicure or having their nails look nice. So that’s a non-negotiable to them.  

The point is – figure out your non-negotiables.  Maybe you are a booze hound on the weekends, so save up your money, energy, and calories for table dancing on the weekends with the girls.

I have friend who loves the “Housewives of wherever” series.  It is her guilty pleasure. Once she had her baby girl she had a hard time fitting that in in the evenings.  She figured out to her drink her coffee while watching instead of her wine.  She watches it at like 5 am when her baby is up anyway.  

Know what you need, work it in, make it work, be happy. 

A parting word on another way I know myself - I choose comfy.

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