Email Me Your Tired Girl Tips

Please email me any and all of your own Tired Girl type tips.  Let me know if I can use your name in my post. :) 


  1. Love the blog!

    My tired girl tips (2 working parents, new baby & a teenager in the house = exhuastion!!)

    Order picture prints online at CVS/Walgreens & get them mailed to you. Also- just heard there is a Walgreens app on the Iphone and you can do this from your phone.

    Hire someone to clean your house - Tuesday is my favorite day of the week b/c I come home to a clean house that I didn't clean myself! I would rather cut back on a dinner out, etc. & pay to have my house clean. Bonus - also cuts down on arguments/annoyance with husband for not helping with cleaning!

    Running errands on my lunch break - groceries, drycleaning, even getting my nails done!

    Planning meals for the week on Sunday & buying all needed ingrediants. Post the menu on your fridge. Also - I try to start dinner in the morning or prep food ahead of time on the weekend so it is quicker at night.

    Christmas shopping - online with Amazon prime & shopping in advance. Also helps with finances with Christmas b/c it spreads out the cost.

    I am also obsessed with Amazon Prime - diapers, soap, stuff for the baby, etc.!

  2. Kelly, thank you and I couldn't agree more -- when it comes to having services done - like someone to clean the house -- that is money seiously well spent. The benefits far outweigh the costs, and marriages are saved! I will add your thoughts to my post. You sound like you have a lot going on and aside from your new baby and teenager I feel like I'm looking in a mirror when I read your comments -- thank you and I will quote you. :) Keep the ideas coming in!

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