Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Awesome kitchen tool -

No knife, no cutting board, no clean up.  Years ago my cousin gave everyone a hand held cheese slicer for Christmas. We are very particular about how our cheese is sliced in our house so it didn’t get much use at first.  Then one day I was trying to slice cucumbers super thin and uniformly for cucumber sandwiches for a baby shower I was helping with.

I found this cheese slicer in my drawer, and turned it upside down so the curved area and slicey part faces up (see photos).  I ran my cucumber over it a hundred times at a hundred miles per hour – I was hooked!!  It is basically one of those mandolin slicers but does not require a million parts or much clean up.  I cut A LOT of things with it – especially for making salads (which I hated in the past because you had to wash and cut and all of that) – but really I slice tons of stuff. 

I hold whatever item I am cutting over the bowl, dish, pan, etc. and slice away.  Then rinse off or stick in the utensil section of the dishwasher – hardly any clean up!  I seriously recommend it.  I have included some awkward looking photos I took and a  link to amazon.com if anyone would like to see one better (or better yet – buy one and you’ll have less wrinkles, be less tired and spend more time doing fun things instead of dishes.)

a photo of my much prized slicer thingy
Check it out or ones similar here.

This is what we actually use for cheese slicing. Recently when Joe and I were in Savannah for the weekend we are making a few snacks to watch something on TV and he said "I know this is a first problem and all, but I miss my cheese slicer." 

Is it weird to love a kitchen a tool?

What is your favorite kitchen gadget?

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  1. I love, love, love this idea...especially because I hate, hate, hate doing dishes.


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