Saturday, December 1, 2012

Paying bills online -

I pay my bills online, by the way, and it has really helped me out.  I have my credit card and checking account through Bank of America (this is NOT an endorsement just a fact). I log in and can see the balance on both. 

I have almost every bill I pay set up for online billing, even a bill I only pay occassionally. No stamps or envelopes, or checks – these are all things that get in the way of me relaxing or sewing something. 

There used to be that commercial where the lady put popcorn in the microwave and pays her bills online while it pops – showing you can pay all your bills in 3 minutes.  It takes me a little longer.  I like to analyze each bill, compare it to the last month, look for hidden fees, etc, make sure I am not getting jipped.  But for me it is still a time saver, and paying bills doesn’t hang over my head.  I pull my “needs attention” bin out of my closet , go through and pull out all the bills, type it all up and I’m done and USUALLY I’m on time.  

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