Saturday, December 1, 2012

I have a vitamin organizer.

I have a vitamin organizer.  Does my husband make fun of it? Yes.  Do I care? No. 

I value my vitamin regimen, but don’t value it enough to pay attention to what I have taken or when.  Sometimes I don’t value my time enough, and as I run out the door I feel regretful that I didn’t take my calcium.   

So I have the 7 days AM & PM set.  I place all my vitamins in for the week and snap the little lids shut.  If I miss a day I don’t have to load that container.  If I have a pill I like to take a few times a week and not every day (don’t ask) then I can organize that out as well.  I understand that most normal people do not feel the need to even come close to this activity, but in case you do I highly recommend a vitamin organizer. There are a lot of fun ones on amazon. I got mine at Target – looks like this:

oh yeah!

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