Friday, December 14, 2012

One power cord away from a tantrum -

One power cord away from a tantrum.
Sometimes I have a plan and one small thing gets in my way – I shouldn’t say sometimes I should say always.  

Sometimes (always) the only thing standing between me and a complete melt down is a power cord of some kind – laptop, ipad, camera, phone – you name it.  My brilliant friend (who is a new-mom), Lydia, wrote this to me about the same thing -  basically a camera cord standing between her and her Christmas cards.  I will say that as she is new mom she emailed me this in the middle of the night I think, so I have taken the liberty of correcting her typos.

Tired Girls think about getting a really cute photo Christmas card of the new family (complete with baby's first Christmas) but they never get around to it, and then they think about doing one of those really cute e-cards where you can post your faces on dancing elves or something (saves on addressing all those envelopes!), but then you realize that would mean you have to download pics from your camera to the laptop.  Maybe this year I will just do a "Christmas photo" Facebook post!! "

I love this Tired Girl idea.  The time, money and especially energy saved is immeasurable.  The important thing is telling friends you care and a Facebook post counts. 

On a side note I do have a power cord basket ( I heart baskets ).  

Any power cord I come across, any time, goes in this basket.  The cords I use all the time (phone & ipad) are permanently plugged in at “their” spot in my house, but all other cords go in the basket.  My husband panics when he looks in there and sees a tangle of wires, but I love it because I know somewhere in there is the cord I am looking for or one that will fit atleast.


  1. The Other Person who lives in the house with me was looking for a cord this week. After much searching on his part, the cord was discovered in an upper cabinet over the washer/dryer.....a cabinet usually reserved for things so random that once items go in there, they may as well cease to exist.

    The Other Person reported finding the cord to me along with a strongly inferred accusation that I surely must have put the cord there.

    While I do sometimes place items in unbeknownst locations, this was not the case with the cord.

    My reply to the accusations was "First of all, I cannot reach into the cabinets and secondly, whenever I find random cords, I stuff them in the basket with the cameras." Knowing this is true about the cords, the Other Person quietly backed away.

  2. It's weird Emalyn, because it's almost like The Other Person who lives in the house with you may also live in my house as well. The "strongly inferred accusation" was my first clue.


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