Saturday, December 1, 2012

Hillary Clinton, Condoleeza Rice and clean garages

Do Hillary Clinton and Condoleeza Rice clean out their garage? 
Sometimes I get so caught up with making my world run smoothly that I don’t take a step away and think about the BIG things I want. 

I want to have an organized garage so I don’t feel annoyed when I pull in and see stuff sitting around.  But those tasks and thoughts so easily can fill up my brain and my day.  Do I really want to spend my life organizing my garage, analyzing the shape of my eyebrows and thinking about fun art projects for myself? Not really. 

 All of those things are important, but I want my life to run like a top so that I have the energy to do something big or important. I want more Tired Girl tips so that I don’t get bogged down in the necessary, but mundane.  Please send me your tips so that I can one day be Secretary of State maybe.  


  1. Love this! I bet they don't stress when their toe-nails aren't painted either.

  2. I bet when they plan to attend dinner or a party with friends, they don't spend the day or couple days prior thinking about what they will wear, how they have nothing to wear, do nothing about it, then panic one hour before the event. I like this post because now I will think WWCD, or WWHD (what would Condi/Hillary do) the next time I face a trivial meltdown!

  3. Vaness and Crafty you are right on. Crafty I have been thinking about your comment all week - and ufortunately laughing to myself about it - I love the part where we think we have nothing to wear and then do nothing about it and then panic -- ha!! So me. What I have done lately, when I shop, I think about the events I attended where I did panic and so I buy clothes with those types of activities in mind. But It's the classic tale where I am a step behind. Instead of anticipating what events are ahead of me, I think backwards instead, and am consequently still prepared for exactly nothing. What would Hillary/Condi do? Not care.


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