Sunday, December 9, 2012

Do you have more money or more time?

Do you have more money or more time? This is a question I ask myself almost daily.

Sometimes I have more money than time, which means I shop on the internet for a friend and have the gift mailed off to her ( and amazon prime are my faves). Probably spending a little more money, but getting it done. Also when I have more money, I would get a dress dry-cleaned so it looks perfect for an event, buy an item at CVS, because it's on my way somewhere instead of heading to Target or Wal-Mart.

Sometimes I have more time which is usually when I make a gift for a friend, shop around for an item I am looking for, or take my shopping list to Wal-Mart instead of Publix. I would hand wash, air dry, and iron my event dress (instead of dry-cleaning - although, as you know I don't really wash my clothes that often).  I will make cookies or an appetizer to bring to a friend instead of stopping at Publix for a bottle of wine to bring  - or whatever. These are little things that add up in my head.

It’s the whole “do the benefits outweigh the costs” idea - I base my life on that question.

Obviously having more time or more money is a perception – not necessarily reality. BUT if I feel pooped after a bunch of activities or I’m saving up energy for something else fun to do, then I perceive that I have more money than time. If my husband and I just got back from a vacation where we treated ourselves to dinners with dessert, etc , than I perceive that I have less money and therefore more time to make dinner at home for a while.

This is not rocket science, but in my opinion it is a very brilliant way to run your life.  I think I have more to say about this but I - shocker - I am too tired.

If you want to read about cost/benefit analysis here is wikipedia on it.  It is brutal though so don't read it -  

Economics was my WORST grade in college, but this idea rocks and I happily apply it daily.  Do you ever ask yourself "do the benefits outweigh the costs?" 

This idea is not rocket scienc, but this nail polish is.  I am not into it but I would love to have a job naming nail polish and lipstick.

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