Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Tired Girl ab workout -

I actually HAVE been doing a mini abs workout.  

Two weeks ago I shared this image from a friend:

 And this post:

The image (and swimsuit season) got me thinking about my abs as well.

So what I've been doing:
I lay flat on my couch and reach my hands above my head to hold on to the arm of the couch. I keep my legs together and lift both legs in the air bending at the waist. I lower them (but not all the way) and repeat. 

I like this because it's an exercise that truly involves laying on your couch.  Watching tv, getting my abs awesome (maybe), watching more tv.  I think it only involves some of your ab muscles, but I'm okay with that for now.

It hurts like crap so I am either injuring myself or about to get ripped (or realistically somewhere in the middle). I do three reps of between 10-15 and each time I do just one extra crunch - to push myself - so I have better tomorrow of course (see image).  

Unfortunately when you push yourself physically you have a more painful tomorrow - the poster left that out. 

Here are some possibly ill-conceived images of me demonstrating these super complicated moves. I put a  filter on them to make them more interesting and less weirdly personal.

If you know that this is a terrible way to work your abs, or these moves will permanently injure me - please let me know so that I can stop. 

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