Sunday, March 3, 2013

SOME people aren't tired -

There are SOME people out there that aren’t tired!!  I have a friend that has sent me her Tired Girl tips.  I knew we had a problem when her “most tired” recipes resembled things I would make only in my dreams (literally) – they had way more than 10 steps – and some of the steps were “stir constantly for 10 minutes.”  No.

I also came across this woman’s blog. It is fun, and I like watching her do her hair (youtube videos) and her makeup.      She is no Tired Girl though and she doesn’t claim to be so no judgement here – just jealousy mostly.  Her makeup regimen clearly works as she looks beautiful and like she isn’t even wearing much makeup – this is my goal always. Like accidentally beautiful. 

And yet another friend who goes to the gym – whaaaaat?

And someone else I know that gets her sewing projects DONE and doesn’t just look at the supplies for a few weeks, thinking about how to add a zipper to a dog bed cover.

These people clearly have it all (or mostly) figured out. Multi step dinners, multi-step hair dos and face dos, the gym????? 

I will not find fault with any of this, or poke holes in this existence.  I simply wanted to take the time to admire majestic beings in my presence and also to remind all of you that though I am quick to share ideas about foil (I just can’t quit you) , and baskets  and, dryshampoo  it is only for survival purposes that I have these things to share.

For every tip that helps me maneuver through my life happily I could use about 100 more.  The laundry?? My arch nemesis! My yard??  Weedy!  My zipper-foot sewing project?? Will probably take 6 months to complete. I am okay with all of this (I guess), because I know I won’t ever have it all figured out.  When I finish my charming dog bed cover –with a zipper closure – in 6 months – I will share a photo of it. 

In the meantime here are some words that sort of comfort me. I bet Liz was no Tired Girl. 

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