Thursday, January 17, 2013

Dry Shampoo -

You might be a Tired Girl if... You email yourself a to-do list and then get excited when you hear the distinctive "bing" on your phone, somewhere in the house, indicating you have an email.  Der! I emailed myself.

You also might be a Tired Girl if the idea of washing your hair some mornings makes you want to cry.  You choose possible ugliness over spending any extra energy getting ready.  This is me about every 3 days.  

I have slightly oily hair (feels icky admitting that - you jerks with your dry hair!). I have tried a few different types of “dry shampoo” (two words that strangely are so right together). My favorite is, luckily, the cheapest.  It is baby powder and even though most of the time my hair is dark (I am occasionally more blond) the white powder works great and does not make me look like Kelly Osbourne and her weird purple/grey hair situation. 

I sprinkle a smidge (scientific term) in the palm of my hand over my bathroom sink and rub my hands together, then I flip my head over and rub my powdery hands along my roots. Front to back and back and forth and all around (scientific term).  I flip up and take stock of myself.  Usually I add just a smidge (again with the science) more to my hand and concentrate on the hair right around my forehead and the back of my head (bed head area). Every so often I use too much and I can see a powdery haze on my hair, but as it turns out I have exceptional powder skills ( who knew?), so I rarely have to adjust.  My tip to you is to start with less – you can always add more, but you don’t want to look like you sprinkled powder on your head and cruised out the door ready to take on the day.

I’m not going to lie, it doesn’t always look gorgeous, but I don’t always care, and it never looks worse than it did before I used the powder. For me it saves the day (every three days, or, honestly, every other day).  

How would you finish this sentence – You might be a Tired Girl if…

I'm pretty sure my hair has never looked like either of these photos - I guess I am fine with somewhere in the middle.  Sorry Kelly O - no offense.


  1. if you are too tired to even think of a witty response!

  2. If you write notes for yourself and have no idea what they mean or what you are telling yourself. Notes that say - "both dogs" - what?

  3. if you would rather eat anything than cook, and if you dress your child in mismatched clothes and then half way blame her - "Oh she picked out her own outfit today - ha ha what a crazy style she has!" just to buy yourself another day of having to deal with laundry.

    1. Agreed - I too will wear some off things sometimes - today I am wearing the same shirt I wore yesterday.


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