Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Sex and Pizza -

You know what they say about sex and pizza – even when it’s bad it’s still pretty good (true, or not, as a lady I will not discuss sex on a blog). This quote came to mind when my beautiful cousin wrote to me about her favorite Tired Girl “go-to” evening meal. Pizza of course – even when it’s bad – it’s still pretty good. Here are her words:

For a quick dinner, you can never go wrong with pizza. I'm not talking about delivery, nor am I talking about a piece of cardboard that costs $1 in the freezer section. Cristin and I have discovered that you can pretty much put anything on a pizza and have it be amazing. Two wheat tortillas with a little cheese in between, baked for about 5 min is the perfect canvas for your artistic creation. The usual italian theme is a cinch: some spaghetti sauce, typical pizza toppings, cheese, DONE. However, we have discovered that cleaning out the fridge and putting WHATEVER you find on there is quite satisfactory. Leftover taco stuff? Slather on some taco sauce and throw it on there! Even avocado slices taste good on a pizza. Leftover mashed potatoes? Spread it on and top with green onions and some cheese, BOOM-- twice-baked bliss. We were so enthralled by the possibilities that we made an amazing Thanksgiving-esque pizza. We wanted it to be vegan so we made some cashew cream for the sauce (look up cashew cream...you won't regret it) and roasted some butternut squash, onion, raisins, and apple chunks for the topping. We sprinkled on a little nutmeg and some vegan cheese and it was a few slices of heaven. That right there proves that you really can put anything on a pizza. Cristin and I (fellow Tired Girls) have made tortilla pizza our go-to dinner. Within 15 min, you have the ability to put to use your personal creativity, and then eat it.
 I love this Tired Girl idea. I plan to add this pizza meal to my rotation.
At my house, my most sleepy dinner is called “pick-ups”, and basically I tell my husband to pick up and eat whatever he likes – it’s every man and Tired Girl for themselves night – clean out the fridge night – a night where you mingle split pea soup, with a chicken leg, a leftover BBQ rib, and day old brown rice. This pizza idea could focus the fridge cleaning out process and wrap it in cheese.
Anyone else want to share their – I’m so pooped I could cry – dinner?


  1. Love it! This sounds way more satisfying than my typical "I'm so pooped I could cry" dinner of a fried egg on top of some lettuce.

  2. Hah ha ha ha -- what a combo!! Is that some shi shi meal I should know about or just the usual items you happen to have on hand?

  3. i'm a big fan of pizzas made from tortillas. if you have a trader joe's, buy the frozen naan. pull out a piece, throw a little sauce and cheese on it (and whatever random leftovers you have) and bake it for a few minutes. makes a lovely personal meal.
    omg, i can't stop commenting on your blog. won't stop.

    1. I have never heard of frozen naan but if it can make pizza I am interested.


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