Monday, January 21, 2013

A laundry plan -

Laundry is my enemy - my real nemesis -  it literally is never going to end, and I do not enjoy any step along the way (except maybe the way my laundry room smells when I am washing or drying, other than that - bleh). 

I have become obsessed these past two weeks to get ahead of my laundry.  My goal is just to maintain a manageable amount, and so I have started doing one load every day, folding it and putting it away.  All THREE horrific steps in one day, but just one load.  I've done well with it so far - only skipped one day, and my success has allowed me to envision myself, some day, writing a book instead of glaring at full laundry baskets, because I have so much free time. AND it's nice to not look around your house and see laundry baskets everywhere full of maybe clean or maybe dirty laundry. 

I ran into trouble today as I discovered that my drawers and linen closets can not accommodate everything being clean at once.  Their success relies on the idea that a fraction of stuff is always dirty and therefore stored in a basket somewhere.  It is both an epic accomplishment that I did so much laundry and an epic failure that I have discovered I have too much stuff, I guess, or not efficient enough storage.  So if I am going to stay good at laundry I need to eliminate a few things.  I need to start a new give away bag.  

This Tired Girl has enjoyed her one laundry-load-a-day plan for the last 2 weeks.  Does anyone out there have a laundry plan?  Throwing your husbands dirty clothes out, one pair of socks at a time doesn't count.  Here is one idea - but I need more.

Here is a an image I found online that accurately represents our household. I have no one to blame but myself. 


  1. I hate laundry, and with the kids and two big dogs, it is like a monster that takes over my house. My son watches this show and this week's episode had a laundry monster. Fitting, I thought. My plan is I do it all in one day. So, Tues is my laundry day. I hate Tues. I spend all day washing, drying and at night the kids go to bed and I spend about 1 1/2 folding and put it all away. That's the only way I feel like it is ever done. It lasts about 2 seconds, but at least I get those 2 seconds. Most people I know do a load a day and seem much happier about it. :)

  2. April, I have tried that as well - letting my laundry monster build up and then annihilating it one or two terrible days. That will inevitably happen sometimes even if I don't plan for it. I have liked doing just one a day so far - and I am "list" person so I check it off my list each day and it feels awesome. I think when it comes to laundry it's just pure survival - we gotta do what we gotta do to get it done. I will be thinking about you today since it's Tuesday. I hope you have some good shows to watch while you fold.

  3. I just started doing Boy's laundry and it is gross. I don't have a schedule but I thought I would add that riveting bit to this exchange.

  4. Just knowing that other people have to do laundry makes me feel better. I don't mind Boy laundry and Dog laundry - except for the folding and putting away actually. See now I too have added something riveting as well. Laundry must make us boring.

  5. i wish i could send you a picture of what i am looking at right now. this comment box on my computer, with a mountain of laundry folded behind it on my dining room table. that's how i roll - save it up, do it all, then lose steam before it makes it from folding to putting away. it's awful. it's slowly killing me. i should totally do it once a day. i hear there is an app or apps that will help you organize all of your household crap you have to do and send you reminders. but i'm too lazy to look into it. surely i can do a load a day if tired girl is doing a load a day. right? right??

    1. Agreed too lazy to look in an app like that and I would probably ignore the reminder anyway. I feel like that's how we both roll. I too used to save it all up and then clothes, towels and sheets never made it out of the basket - we just dug through baskets - who needs drawers! I have stayed strong with my one load a day - although it takes the whole day for the process. I wish you would send me a photo - email it to me or else.


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