Friday, January 4, 2013

Foods you are good at!

A-list foods to create with minimal energy are a necessity for this Tired Girl.  I hate go on about this repertoire thing (especially since there are no good synonyms so I just keep using that word), but not only do I have a list of gifts that work for me I also have a list of foods.  These are items I have perfected, can make in my sleep and chances are I have all of the ingredients for - at any given moment.  Here are the categories of fav foods I have to serve or bring (this list is in my in my head so when a pot luck type sign-up sheet is passed around I know exactly what I want to write down):

 - An easy and yummy dip
 - A cookie and brownie recipe
 - A casserole
 - A yummy salad
 - Favorite cheese and cracker combo
 - A favorite fruit to serve or bring
 - A low maintenance appetizer

I also have a list of go-to items I can purchase that I know are yummy and I am mostly proud to show up with.  These are the reliable items that people are happy to eat when you have run out of time, but have to bring something somewhere – this is the type of  occasion where you have more money than time  and to make up for the fact that I am bring something store bought I have picked out a decadent or gourmet item that is fun and no one can turn away from.  I want MY food to get eaten all up at any occasion – isn’t there a weird pride in that??  It’s called “empty-plate syndrome” and I have it.  These trustworthy items are easy for me (mostly because I have made them so many times) and typically a big hit. 


  1. Now that we live in different towns, can you share a salad or casserole recipe? I promise never to use it in Central Florida. :)

  2. I would be honored! I think we can coordinate our salads and casseroles accordingly and eventually I may end up stealing Pat's buffalo dip even though he is right here. I will email you my three favorites.


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