Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Angry exercise

I assume if you are awake you are angry about something.  I know I am.  
This anger easily manifests itself when I exercise – luckily I am in the privacy of my home when my anger regimen begins. As you know – for me – the gym sucks.  

I don’t consciously think about children and animals that are abused, intolerance, dirty water, hate crimes, sweet hungry faces around the world – instead I listen to the most awful music and run like a crazy person on my treadmill, punching in the air and screwing my face up in revolution.  Hey – eff you world!

F-bombs, sexual innuendos, angry women, angry men, vulgarity, poor choices, great beats, and general screw-you-ness all make up my perfect exercise playlist.   

The sweat pours down and that makes me angry too, because exercising sucks.  But at the end I feel calm, happy, and energized – all that anger and tension is spent. 

If you are angry about anything take it out on a tennis ball, a yoga mat, your bicycle, your stairs.  Exercise buys me time of less tiredness.  Sometimes I only go 5 minutes and sometime I go for an hour (just the one time in '98) – I don’t judge myself though because judgement  sucks – yeah! Fist in the air!! 

Something to be angry about just in case you have nothing:

not the end of the world, but not cool either  -  p.s. I have no idea if this fact is true or where this picture came from, so you could also be angry about negligent bloggers like me

Yeah!! my shorts are going to look great on me because of all the crappy things in this world! 


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