Friday, February 8, 2013

Clarisonic review -

When my friend Gabby moved to Florida she decided to buy expensive sunglasses polarized.  
The salesmen asked her if she “wanted her future son’s friends to hit on her?”

Of course she answered yes – if for no other reason, but to hear more.  He went on to explain how the right sunglasses don’t make you squint, and if you don’t squint you don’t get wrinkles, and if you don’t get wrinkles – well you know where this is going.


So when fellow Tired Girl Ashley shared this Tired Girl beauty and skin tip with me I thought of the idea that salesmen was selling – you can’t put a price on looking young.
Here are her words:

I recently broke my tendency to be cheap with beauty products and splurged on the Clarisonic Mia 2 facial brush. Around $140 on Amazon. I have tried the Olay spin brush - no comparison, don’t waste the money.  My skin was great during pregnancy, but terrible before! I was always fighting the hormonal breakouts. Now that I am no longer pregnant and my skin started to turn back to the dark side, I needed something quick! Being a new mom, I no longer have time to fuss around with the war on acne, makeup and multi-step skin care. So I bought the brush, my reasoning was, if my skin is completely clean of makeup and dirt at the end of the day, then the less likely my pores will clog up and combine with my hormones causing acne.
So far I am right! With this brush, once a day (evening shower) for a few seconds with a mild cleanser, is all it takes to improve your skin! Pat has even noticed my overall skin improvement acne and texture. The other plus, is that my skins texture is so improved, that putting makeup on is also a breeze and only takes seconds. I also look forward to and enjoy the feeling of getting my skin super clean.  I used to fuss around with products to help my skin, taking so much time cleanse, cream, mask, facials etc. not to mention nit picking my makeup and concealing techniques!  I no longer waste time on all these steps, although if I had time I would enjoy a facial :)

I received a Clarisonic for Christmas and I agree with Ashley. Just 100% agree. I use this wash with my Clarisonic: .  The Clarisonic is a bit pricey – maybe has gone down after Christmas – but you can’t put a price on your skin care.  Well you totally can, but this is worth it. Sell something to buy this.  Don’t you want your future son’s friends to hit on you?  I know that is totally creepy – but you get the idea. 

Don't BE a Mrs. Robinson, but just look fabulous forever. I wanted to find a  fun picture, but I had to do my actual work. Booooo.  This is a stock image of a Clarisonic.


  1. ugh. i want this so badly. i'm sending this post to alex, because i'm pretty sure he wants our kids friends to hit on me. also, i still squint all the time because i'm still in denial that i need glasses all the time, so i'm pretty much screwed.

    1. I don't want to need glasses but they sure are cute these days - I bet you look awesome with some cool pair of glasses on. Even if you have eye wrinkles and can't see and feel around your house your skin can glow. This clarisonic thing is awesome.


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