Sunday, February 24, 2013

best Tired Girl bra

The best Tired Girl bra -

This is it! 

I won’t go in to all the many reasons why this bra is the BEST.  I will let you infer it all – just to be ladylike in an almost public forum. But I will say that I have spent $60 on a bra before and they have nothing on this one.

Comfort, cuteness, price, comfort, shape, comfort, washability, versatility, comfort.  Done.  

I also like the looks of this one and this one. I prefer a nude color most of the time as I wear a lot of white tops.

Here are some bra jokes:


  1. Buying a bra that fits is life changing! Seriously. I was WAY off before being properly fitted.

  2. The Ahh Bra allows you to look confident and to look firm and beautiful with the ultimate support and comfort. brestrogen price

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