Monday, February 4, 2013

Tired Girl outfits -

I have a few sweatshirts, lounge pants and slippers that I live in when I feel most tired, (which as you know is most the time).  When I worked away from home these clothes were on me within minutes of my arrival home.  They are the kind of clothes that their sheer existence relaxes me, and yet their style simply does not exist. They are perfectly wonderful for wearing in the presence of people that love you, or when you are alone, but they are the type that  you hope no one drives by when you slough out to get the mail in them.  Now that I work from home there are days that these items are worn all day as my actual "outfit" (yikes). 

Sweatshirts seem to be the key for me. I would wear a sweatshirt that read " I heart sweatshirt" instead of any cool band or prestigious college,  if it had been properly washed, worn and was ill-fitting (way too big), to look almost offensive. 

I did branch out and buy a few "cuter" sweatshirts this fall.  They are my special occasion lounge wear, my "I feel especially gorgeous" sweatshirts.

I have added a blurry photo of my sweatshirt today. I did not add a photo of  my Ugg's (which I also incidentally am attached to), because even though they are only seen on my feet in the photo they are still especially unphotogenic. 

Does anyone else out there tear their clothes off when they get home and put on lovable, horrible, comfy clothing?  I have not tried this one, but I like the looks of it. 

Sweatshirt love

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