Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Roasted chicken thighs -

And another favorite recipe – Roasted chicken thighs.  When you say something has been “roasted” (not simply cooked) it is immediately BETTER.

Preheat oven to 400, then line a brownie pan with foil (I just can’t quit you foil).  Rinse off 2 packets of chicken thighs (any kind – bone in, bone out, skin on – doesn’t matter).  
I dry them off (important) and place them in lined pan.  
Drizzle olive oil on them and sprinkle kosher salt (any salt will do – I like kosher salt) and then take your hand and rub the olive oil and salt all over all of them – both sides – make sure they are coated.

Wash your hands well and throw those babies in the oven, even if it isn’t heated up yet.  
It probably is better to wait till it’s preheated (probably makes them better or something), but I don’t want to wait so I just put them in.  

Set a timer for 30 minutes (disclaimer: I am terrible with numbers – never remember what temp I cook on or how long – sometimes I make it up as I go each time).  20-30 minutes is a good enough time to check on the thighs, but probably will cook longer - maybe - I don't know!

I start my water to boil for brown rice (I actually do this while I prep the chicken - brown rice takes about 50 minutes) and rinse off pre-cut veggies, put them in a glass dish, sprinkle salt on them and set in the microwave ready to cook when the time comes. 

I neaten up the kitchen, clear off the table and then I can cruise off and look at my mail (ugh!), call a friend, put in a load of laundry, sit there and stare of into space, or shop for fabric online on

The timer will tell me when I have to do something else.  The chicken will probably be done before the brown rice, but it can just sit and cool a bit. Once I pull the chicken out I cook my veggies in the microwave, and start making up plates.  

Clean up is minimal and taste and health are maximum for this one.

Raw chicken is not a great look - should have taken the picture when they were cooked and actually appetizing. 

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