Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Proactiv and good skin -

I feel like if you have all the basics of your body healthy then you can look tired, or be wearing something whackadoodle, or have skipped your make up, or have doctored your hair up, and you still look pretty good.  
Healthy skin, healthy hair, healthy body, healthy teeth.

I never had acne, but do have breakouts (sometimes pretty bad) and I have combination skin which just means your skin is never happy no matter what.  Cranky skin.  

I have used Proactiv for years and had success with it.  Proactiv is possibly quite toxic  - maybe – I don’t know!!  But just in case, I did not want to be addicted to any one product so I have worked to wean my face off of it.  I still use it about once or twice a week just to keep my face happy.  I love to barely put on makeup on a daily basis and the key to this for me is having lovely, clear, healthy skin.  I would like to add radiant and glowing skin, but as Tired Girls know – we don’t always get to claim a glow.

If some brilliant person out there wants to invent a acne fighting and wrinkle reducing skin care line then sign me up.  How jerky is it that I should have to think about both wrinkles and breakouts at once. 

On the days I don’t use Proactiv, I use a Clarins orange scrub, an all-natural toner and/or a face wash, and the “Say Yes to Cucumbers” daily moisturizer. 

P-90x is all about “muscle confusion” – keeping your muscles guessing. So I am all about “skin confusion” my skin doesn’t know what’s going on so it can’t break out or look old.

And this way I can run to the store and not need much makeup to cover up too many trouble areas. Looking nice when I feel tired makes me less tired.  

When I was in college and lived with all girls for four years it was so fun to see what products everyone used and you could easily try something without having to buy.  It's not quite so fun to look around my husband's products as mostly there aren't any. These are the things that work for me - just sharing:
my three face washes - I use the Rafa Natural Clarifying Cleanser with my Clarisonic

my toners and moisturizers - the Clarins Hydra Quench is wonderful

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