Sunday, March 31, 2013

Good haircuts -

You hair is an accessory that you wear every day.
This is an accessory I like to ignore for possibly days at a time and since I still want to look cute and not like a wild animal, I take the time to get a really good haircut.  

I highly recommend a good haircut (and color if you are in to that - which I am) and when I say “good” I mean “quality” which could then translate to “pricey.”

I have had a “good” (read: “pricey”) haircut at times and even though it looked great when I washed, dried and did it – if I didn’t do all three of those things each day it would look like crap. And since I am known to choose ugliness over doing my hair some days I have learned to get a more “wash and wear” hairdo. 

So now my “good” haircut really is. It is versatile – looks nice clean or not so clean, looks nice when I “do” it, and looks nice simply just washed – not even dried.  It hangs well and is acceptable at any stage. For me, having a little bit longer hair (past my shoulders), makes for lower maintenance - so don't assume shorter or simpler is necessarily easier.

I have also had cheapy haircuts – even in the exact style that I know works for me – and sadly, it just never looks quite as good – the ends don’t look as nice as long and need more attention.
I would rather spend more, get more, go less often, and look better longer. And my stylist gives me wine so that's worth a smidge too.

P.S. I also highly recommend skipping the idea of highlighting your own hair.  Just go with me on this. Coloring all your hair at once – may be okay, but highlights? No.  Is this a job for professionals? Yes.

This lady may be my new Ryan Gosling "hey girl".  If you haven't seen the original video of her or the autotunes one it's worth your time.  Here is a link to an all-in-one video:

This is an oldy but a goody - this is me in the Summer.

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