Sunday, March 24, 2013

Don't be too perfect -

Don’t be too perfect – nobody likes that person. This one is easy for me. 

I think it’s nice not to be too prefect (easy for me).  You can show up at a party and look great, make people feel special, be sweet, bring yummy food, dress cute and laugh at other people’s stories, but just be a little late (easy for me), or be on time, but bring store bought cookies (easy for me) or bring yummy cookies, be on time, but maybe your eyebrows are wild and need professional help (easy for me).  

I don’t have to consciously do any of these things – they all happen naturally for me. 

Give people something to show that you are not perfect (easy for me) and therefore human and therefore more likable and charming and you don’t have it all figured out (easy for me). 

The point I am making very indirectly is: don’t be too hard on yourself because no one expects or likes perfection anyway.  Nobody likes that perfect person. 

On a side note - Whatever you do don't ever google image search the words "perfect girl" for ideas for a visual for your blog - you will be very disappointed at the amount of porn that appears.  So I made this image instead- an imperfect photo of me wearing a bib. 


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