Thursday, March 21, 2013

Jeans make an outfit -

Jeans make an outfit.  That is a totally dumb sentence, but I strangely think about it often.

Are you wearing comfy clothes (read: pajamas) at 2pm and your dog is barking and you have to go get him in the yard, but the people he is barking at will see you have comfy clothes (pajamas) on at 2pm and this feels embarrassing? No?  This happens to me all the time. 

My solution is: jeans make an outfit.

A sweatshirt*,  lounge pants,  uggs = pajamas.
A sweatshirt*,  JEANS,  uggs = outfit.

Have to run to Target? Let the cable guy in?  Look like an adult who is ready to take on the day?
How to look immediately presentable? Jeans.

Inane I know, but I am sharing anyway.  This is where the pajama jeans come in I suppose. 

These girls have it all figured it out.  Luckily I don't wear fur vests or tiara headbands that often - so I don't have to worry about working that in to my pajama outfits

*bra optional


  1. It also works if you are a Tired Mama and have to drop off/pick up your child from preschool. You can't show up in sweat pants but throw on a pair of jeans and you are good to go.

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